Stephen Amell on Arrow Season 4, Olicity’s chances and the possibility of directing

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The CW

When Arrow fans last saw Oliver Queen he was making his way out of town, leaving friends and family behind in Starling City as he hit the road with Felicity. Where will Season 4 find Oliver and Felicity when the superhero drama returns in the fall to the CW? Stephen Amell offered up a few cryptic hints and teases about Olicity and what’s ahead to The TV Junkies.

“Well they’ve been away,” jokes Amell about where we pick up with the couple in the premiere. “They are away and I believe they are still away when we get going again,” he says. Does this mean that Season 4 may actually give Olicity a shot at being happy together? “Well you never know, but I think if anyone has a decent chance it’s Oliver and Felicity. Time will tell,” Amell teases.

As previously confirmed by Amell in one of his Facebook chats, the action will pick up several months later which is something he says shouldn’t really be looked at as anything out of the ordinary for Arrow. “When I said there was a time jump people were like, ‘Oh my God really?’ I didn’t think that was very spoilery because the show has always followed chronologically when we air. Whenever we’ve taken a break and go off the air from May til October, when we leave it’s May and when we come back it’s October,” he explains.

Having gotten his hands on the first few scripts of Season 4, Amell did say that “it still feels like our show but there are different elements that I think people are going to enjoy.” One of the early highlights for him has been that “we get to see some characters interact that weren’t always the closest of friends or interacting on a regular basis which is neat when you’re doing new stuff in the fourth season of a show.”

Would that new stuff ever including a spot in the director’s chair for Amell? “I am actually interested in directing and I’ve been asked a couple of times if I’d be interested in directing an episode of Arrow by Greg Berlanti,” he tells us. However, the actor has some concerns about stepping behind the camera. “I would like to do it eventually, but to direct an episode of Arrow I think would be a nod towards my own vanity a little bit. It’s not just the fact that I’m in most episodes, but it’s the fact that there’s a prep period before where I’d be shooting and there’s cutting the episode on the B-side where I’d also be shooting. I just don’t think it’s the most practical instance.” he explains

Unless Oliver decides to take a sabbatical in the near future and go away for a few weeks directing doesn’t seem in Amell’s plans for the near future. “There were a couple of episodes last year where I could have done it, but I’ll tell you, if I ever have an episode where I’m not shooting 7 out of the 8 days I use that time to regenerate,” he says.


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Arrow returns for Season 4 on Wednesday, October 7 at 8 p.m. on the CW.