Stephen Amell talks a darker version of Casey Jones


Arrow star Stephen Amell has been a busy man this summer as he’s traded in his bow and arrow for a hockey stick. The CW superhero will star as vigilante Casey Jones in the upcoming movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 which will be released in 2016. He has spent his Arrow hiatus in New York City this summer filming his first major role on the big screen and was able to give The TV Junkies some details about his take on the turtle-friendly Jones.

“My version of Casey Jones is really incomplete,” says Amell before going on to explain that this take on the character, known for wielding weapons such as golf clubs, hockey sticks and baseball bats, may be different from what fans expect. “We meet Casey Jones at a very different point in his life than most people that are familiar with the live-action version of Casey Jones. He’s not really that guy yet,” explains Amell.

So then just what is this new era Casey Jones up to? Amell remains somewhat tight lipped but adds that “he is doing something different and has aspirations that don’t really involve being a vigilante. Then he’s put in his place a little bit and he needs to make a few decisions.”

As for the movie itself, Amell thinks it appeals to a broader audience this time around. “I do think that this movie will be a little more family friendly,” he tells us. But family friendly doesn’t mean there will be any shortage of action sequences, and in fact those are going to be bigger than previous Turtle movies. “The third act of the movie is just non-stop action on multiple fronts,” Amell previews.

What about fans concerned about the reboot and how it will stand up with past Turtle movies? Amell says that they shouldn’t worry because “this to me, based on everything that I’ve heard, feels like a Turtles movie as opposed to the first one.” He also adds that “this may be a little darker than people had anticipated.” But fear not Turtle fans because Amell seems pretty sure that regardless, fans are going to enjoy themselves watching this movie. “I think that we’re nailing this one. Everyone seems to be really happy,” he says.

Amell himself seems pretty happy about his first experience filming in the Big Apple saying, it “has been really interesting and valuable for my career.” There are some definite differences he’s had to adjust to though as opposed to Arrow shoots in Vancouver. “In Vancouver if we need to do an outdoor practical shoot we close the street. You can’t do that here,” he explains before recalling that “my very first thing that I shot was at 42nd and 6th in Times Square and there were literally thousands of people on the street watching what was happening and yelling my name.”

The experience is one that Amell is grateful for and one that’s taught him a lot. “It really focuses you in and makes you concentrate on your work. You can’t get distracted by outside things,” he says. The shoot for TMNT2, which Amell says “is really fun,” concludes in a few weeks at which time Amell will return to Vancouver to begin work on Season 4 of Arrow.
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