Sons of Anarchy: Sex and secrets spilled


Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy was like a breath of fresh–albeit sex-filled–air in many ways. For the majority of the season the Sons have been bogged down by constant baggage, been undermined by their opponents and have dealt with some form of death or destruction. But with August and Lin both in jail, the Sons were finally given some much-needed screen time that wasn’t dedicated to war and revenge. Instead we were given relationship moments, a plan that finally went right, and an Abel-centric plot development worthy of a mic drop.

Since the topic did open the episode, let’s talk about sex. Some of the shots of the sons getting it on were a straight up ridiculous (Happy, Ratboy and his “professional” friend), while others hammered home just how far our characters have fallen this season (Gemma and Nero’s pitiful time together, Tully and human punching bag Juice in jail). Seeing Jax crying after sex and craving to be held wasn’t even fathomable before, nor was Tig and Venus actually being together both physically and emotionally. In the short time before the theme song, the sex alone seemed to reiterate exactly where each of our characters are this late in the game.

Speaking of Tig and Venus, their scenes together and the exploration of their relationship were of the highest caliber. It’s been extremely satisfying seeing their relationship progress to a physical level while still getting to wade through the emotional level accompanying the moment as well, such as seeing Tig freak out by the stubble on Venus’ face in the morning. Of all the MC members, Tig and Venus undoubtedly shared the most heartfelt and real moments of the episode, hammered home by the acting of both Walton Goggins and Kim Coates.

On the other side of things, I’m quickly getting sick of the back-and-forth between Jarry and Chibs. Although I get that Jarry just wants Chibs to fight for her love (like all girls do, as One Tree Hill’s Brooke Davis once said), it feels like every week she’s somehow still surprised that Chibs doesn’t tell her what the MC is getting up to. Nothing has changed since the last time you had this conversation, and Chibs already showed how much he cares by last week’s parking garage lovefest. Let’s either fully commit to this relationship or not and move forward, shall we?

As if the post-sex crying wasn’t enough of an indication, it was clearly time for the emotionally wrecked Jax to get some sort of a win, especially the week after Bobby’s death, which is maybe why I was so happy that Tyler helping out Marks’ crew was all just an elaborate plan cooked up by the Sons. I’ve been waiting for Tyler’s and the Niners’ loyalty to be questioned by Marks since he became a double agent, so it wasn’t a surprising request that Moses asked him give up the location of the Sons’ cabin. But it was surprising that Jax was able to pull the plan off with collaboration from the Niners and the Grim Bastards. Extra kudos–and extra ew–to that hanging eyeball at the end of the shoot-out.

Where Jax seemed to lose in the episode was with Abel, who I may now begin only referring to as the silent assassin. He’s officially escalated from throwing shade at Gemma to tossing accusations her way, starting off by taking a fork to his wrist in hopes of getting her locked up to the biggest move of them all: confessing to Jax that Gemma killed Tara. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like Abel has read The Boy Who Cried Wolf just yet, and that there’s a good chance Jax is going to assume this is another lie to try and take Grandma down after the fork incident.

Then again, there’s only three episodes left in the season and Gemma has declared she wouldn’t be opposed to abandoning ship and joining Nero on the farm. Could Abel really be the one to blow the roof off Gemma’s plan? And how many more people are going to die between now and then?

Additional Anarchy:

  • That bathroom lunch scene with Abel destroyed my heart. I now understand why they decided to cast such a robotic child for this role.
  • It seemed way off the wall for Jax to think now was a good time to tell Abel that Wendy is his biological mom, what with the kid already off to therapy. Loading on, much?
  • Unser has proven himself more valuable in this season alone than the past five seasons combined.
  • Wendy is simply a nanny at this point.
  • Although it was a loooooong episode I didn’t find myself glancing at my watch, which was good.
  • Juice. Tully. Ugh. So horrible.

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Super Channel and FX.

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