Sons of Anarchy: This is my heaven


Well, it was bound to happen.

With a missing hand and a missing eye, Bobby went from diligent and loyal member of the Sons of Anarchy to diligent, loyal … and completely useless member of Sons of Anarchy. So when August Marks sent Jax a clear message via the bullet in Bobby’s head, it wasn’t all that surprising. But it sure as hell was depressing.

I still can’t help but feel a little jerked around that we had to watch poor Bobby Elvis suffer through two weeks of cruel and unusual punishment only to have him die in Jax’s arms in the end. But despite my slight annoyance at the eventual outcome of the storyline, I begrudgingly do understand why Bobby had to die. Perhaps it’ll help give Jax some more clarity on how wrong he’s steered SAMCRO’s course all season (but probably not). But more so, the death of one of the original members of Redwood was ultimately another hit to Gemma’s deteriorating will as she spirals deeper into her guilt. For the first time we heard Gemma admit that she didn’t anticipate her lies would end with so much death and destruction, which was a bit of a “duh” moment, but still nice to actually hear her admit out loud. That being said, the old Gemma would never have admitted to so many wrongdoings before, let alone where someone could just stumble over while innocently making their way to the freshly baked cookies; at least we can physically and audibly see how far she’s come.

In a complete 180 degree turn to how I used to feel about the kid, I’ve become genuinely curious as to what Abel’s going to do if he hears his grandma admit she’s involved in another dead body showing up around him. Every week Abel gets sassier and sends more shade the way of his family members, but could that all ultimately escalate to some sort of actual physical move against Gemma? I hope not, because it would kill me to see another generation of Teller burn from Gemma’s influence, but other than that I have no ideas where that storyline is headed (besides another lunchbox to the head, perhaps).

Another storyline I’m slightly peaked on comes from the ominous news Indian Hills delivered Jax and SAMCRO, cryptically warning the club of an impending amount of doom from within. It’s clear nobody’s buying that Jury was a rat–but if not him, then who?!–and Jax’s leadership should be called into question. The whole dilemma is just another problem on SAMCRO thanks to Jax and his terrible decisions, but maybe Jax will be removed from the patch and able to live a life free of the club for his family’s sake in the way Jury assumed John Teller did by running into the truck himself. Until then, it’s up to SAMCRO to provide evidence that Jury was a rat, a fact I don’t think Jax is even sure of himself.

Despite the fact that the episode spent way too much time on stuff we just don’t care about–Brooke and Rat Boy’s proclamations of love, for one–some progress is being made courtesy of Unser and Jarry, providing some of Charming’s best police work since, well, ever by finally putting things together that there’s something seriously wrong about Juice and Gemma’s testimony against the Chinese.

Here’s to hoping that actually goes somewhere substantial next week.

Additional Anarchy:

  • It makes me sad that the only way the Sons can take down August Marks is by having him arrested. Talk about a new low on the scheming.
  • “Why, did someone else die?” Abel, you have redeemed yourself in only two episodes of zingers and sassy one-liners.
  •  Was that scene between Chibs and Jarry the weridest thing ever or what? I want to take Jarry seriously, but when she tells Chibs to take her in the parking garage things get complicated.
  • As infuriating as Gemma has become I really did appreciate her wisdom telling Rat Boy not to be a dick about dating.
  • At least Bobby went down like an OG. It also tears me up that the best they could do was bury him in the backyard. I’ll miss those muffins you used to make the boys in the old clubhouse, Bobby.

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