Man chickens out of snake stunt


Remember that time when a guy said he was being eaten alive by an anaconda in the name of science? And he (along with a team of engineers and herpetologists) designed a suit so that he could withstand the pressure of the animal, which was supposed to feel roughly like the equivalent of a school bus on his chest? And he doused himself in pig’s blood? And then PETA got involved and a bunch of people signed a petition begging for this thing to never air?

Turns out, no one needed to worry about the snake stunt at all. Because the snake didn’t get around to eating anyone. Eaten Alive turned out to be false advertising on everyone’s part, but especially on the part of Paul Rosolie, the man who orchestrated it all.

The special, which aired on multiple Discovery Channels around the world Sunday night, was not the stunt everyone expected it to be simply because it never happened. Most of the installment followed Rosolie around the Amazon jungles of Peru, looking for a Giant Green Anaconda–the biggest species of snake known to man. Once they found one they couldn’t contain it, and after several attempts the team decided it was too dangerous to continue hunting that particular snake.

Enter Plan B, which was a smaller-than-promised (but still huge) snake that took the bait and started an attempt to eat Rosolie, coiling around him to the point where the man could no longer feel his hands. Once Rosolie’s heart rate soared to more than 180 and his arm felt like it was going to break, he called it all off.

If you heard a collective “seriously?” around your neighbourhood Sunday night, that could be why.

Since the first attempt when so swimmingly (and we as an audience still have no idea how Rosolie would get back out of the snake without hurting it), Rosolie is ready to tackle the real deal.

“I’m ready to take this to a real giant,” he told the cameras in what we can only assume was a bid to save some face. Um … hasn’t he ever heard of the boy who called wolf snake?

Well, at least we know the suit works.


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