Slo Pitch Looks to Deliver The Next Step in On Screen Sports Stories


Television series and movies about sports are nothing new. There’s something compelling about watching and following along with the ups and downs of a team as they go through all the trials and tribulations before coming together to pull out a win. However, there’s just one problem with all the sports stories we’re used to seeing play out on screen, they are always told through a very straight lens. The creators behind the new digital series Slo Pitch are looking to stop that trend and deliver a series about queer women and non-binary athletes. They also promise to deliver plenty of laughs in the process.

From creator and director Justine Stevens, Slo Pitch follows Joanne (Erin Carter), captain of the slo pitch beer league team, the Brovaries, as she tries to lead her team to their first ever victory. Unfortunately, she seems to be the only one on her team more interested in sports than beer. But through lots of practice and Joanne’s determination, the Brovaries may just find success after all.

Slo Pitch is one of many digital series who have recently applied for funding through the IPF (Independent Production Fund) and released its first trailer last Friday. The Slo Pitch team is seeking funding to help with its first season, which would consist of 10 episodes that are 5-10 minutes in length, as well as 5 minisodes that are 1-2 minutes. The TV Junkies reached out to creator/director Stevens, as well as series’ writers and stars Gwenlyn Cumyn and Karen Knox to learn more about the series, its all-star lineup cast and where the idea for it all came from. Check out the trailer and then see what Team Slo Pitch had to say and meet the series’ all-star lineup!


The TV Junkie: From the trailer it looks like this is going to be a really fun series. Where did the idea for this come from?

Creator/Director Justine Stevens actually played on a lot of women’s sports teams while she was growing up in Calgary. The high stakes sports drama was eclipsed only by the high stakes relationship drama. Basically by the end of the season, everyone had slept with everyone and it was like an episode of Days of Our Lives, but gayer.

Also, where are the shows about women/gender non binary in sports? We all love Friday Night Lights, but like, we’re ready for the next step.

TTVJ: The format looks to be half documentary and half series. Can we expect something along the lines of American Vandal or The Office?

Yes! Cause who doesn’t want a lesbian Michael Scott? We’re taking style notes from The Office for sure, as well as Mockumentray great Christopher Guest’s masterpieces like Best in Show or Waiting for Guffman.


TTVJ: It seems like you guys have a really awesome group and quite the cast that you’ve assembled. How did the team for Slo Pitch come together? Can you talk a little about who you have both on the field and behind the camera?

I mean let’s face it. There’s something in the water in Toronto, cause how did all these incredible queer creators end up in one place? When we started to write the pilot for Slo Pitch we started dreaming up an all star cast, and honestly, we actually had too many options to choose from. What’s great is that there are a few other teams in Slo Pitch’s no stakes league, so audiences can expect guest star roles from other Toronto Queer royalty in the full season.

But let me just lay out who we’ve already been lucky enough to have come on board! Erin Carter, Gwenlyn Cumyn, Sarah Webber, Karen Knox, Justine Nelson, Kaitlyn Alexander, Kelly McCormack, Aisha Evlyna, Chelsea Muirhead, Amanda Cordner, Taylor Whittaker, and Leah Doz.

Creator/director Justine Stevens is fairly new to Toronto, but audiences might recognize her work from music videos for the likes of Kaitlyn Alexander and the first web series she created, The Girls Guide.

TTVJ: If people like the trailer and are interested in the series, how can they help make sure you guys earn funding to move forward?

SHARE/LIKE/COMMENT/REPEAT! Right now we’re vying to get funding from the IPF and part of the application is a competition to see which trailers can get the most views/likes/comments etc! People have been so fabulous about spreading the good word, and we’re extremely grateful. We’re aiming to get 10K views by the end of the week!

TTVJ: What would getting this funding mean for Slo Pitch?

It’ll mean we can make this show right! Compensate artists and crew appropriately, make sure it looks awesome, and give the world the best queer women’s/non-binary beer league sports series they’ve ever seen!


To get a closer look at Slo Pitch‘s all-star lineup, browse the gallery below and don’t forget to watch/comment and like the trailer below if you want to help Slo Pitch‘s chance at being awarded funding.

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Are you excited about Slo Pitch? Find out more by checking out the trailer:

For more information on Slo Pitch follow the series on Twitter and Instagram. Remember be sure to “like”, share and view it as much as possible to increase the series’ funding chances!