Shadowhunters: Maxim Roy teases Jocelyn’s future

John Medland/Freeform
John Medland/Freeform

Shadowhunters hit the ground running in its series premiere last week, as Clary (Katherine McNamara) quickly learned about her powers as a Shadowhunter, thanks to her run-in with Jace (Dominic Sherwood) and company. Now that her mother is in the hands of Valentine, the quest to find the Mortal Cup is on.

The TV Junkies recently spoke exclusively with Maxim Roy, who plays Clary’s mom, Jocelyn Fray, where she dished about Jocelyn’s expanded role in the later part of the season, dispelled some dating rumours about herself and Isaiah Mustafa (Luke) and discussed how easy it was to get along with her on-screen daughter.

TTVJ: The premiere has officially aired and your character, Jocelyn, is now in a self-inflicted magical coma. For anyone who’s read the books, your character stays that way for awhile, but will she be waking up any earlier in the series?

Maxim Roy: Well, that’s a tricky question! I don’t want to give anything away. What I am going to say is that we are doing things different than the books. I think even in the first episode you can see that. The writers decided to do many things differently and that includes Jocelyn’s storyline.

We will be seeing Jocelyn throughout the series in flashbacks and in certain aspects. It’s difficult not to give anything away! In dream sequences you will see Jocelyn and you’ll get to see flashbacks, and there’s a really great episode–Episode 10 is really cool. Basically all of the characters are the opposite of what they are in the story. That’s going to be really interesting for Jocelyn and Valentine (Alan Van Sprang) too… let’s just say I’m going to be in Season 2 a lot!

TTVJ: That’s really interesting, because I know your character has a really rich backstory. So that’s something we’ll get to explore beyond the first season?

MR: Oh my god, yeah. I mean, I think Episode 13 is going to be an amazing episode for everybody too, for the audience and the fans. What I’ve been told from the writers and producers is to start training for Season 2, so yeah, Jocelyn is going to be very present, for sure.

TTVJ: Speaking of Season 2, I know you have previously said how you are passionate about the environment and, if Shadowhunters gets a second season, you would want to have one of the greenest sets in Toronto. What are some of the things TV and film sets can do to achieve that?

MR: There’s so many things. Ban plastic bottles on set. I have 10 refillable bottles at home, so I think as an individual you should bring your own bottle on set anyway, but production could provide bottles for everybody and just have to refill the base tank on set. That would be a huge, huge thing.

Reduce paper. Everybody has an iPad today, everybody has a computer. Until we have the right script I think they shouldn’t be printing so many versions of scripts. Nobody works on paper anymore, everybody uses their computer, so that’s not necessary. I think drivers should stop idling. There’s a lot of that going on, which drives me nuts. Just those three things, if you start off with that, that’s huge.

TTVJ: Obviously as Jocelyn you worked closely with Katherine McNamara. How did you try to build that mother/daughter relationship with her on set?

MR: It was very easy. You know, the first day, I showed up for the read-through [and] she got up and she just jumped in my arms and said, “Mama! I’m so happy to see you!” I was the last one to be cast so I think everybody was anxious, and I know she was very anxious, to see who would play Jocelyn. So, it was really funny. She’s such a warm, lovely, smart, emotionally smart person. It was very easy. My maternal instinct is very strong, so I became protective of her in real life. It was an easy bond. She’s a nice person, and that’s not a given [for] everybody.


TTVJ: Which of your other Shadowhunters cast members did you get along with most?

MR: Everybody got along really well. I love Isaiah [Mustafa]; Isaiah became like a brother to me. You know, there were rumours [about us]. We both took a couple pictures of us together this week, and people started to wonder if we’re a couple, but we’re not. Let’s just make that clear—we’re very good friends and he’s a great guy. He’s a great father figure, so we’re both the parents on set.

I got along with Alan [Van Sprang]. We have an amazing banter, on and off screen, and we keep posting these really ridiculous videos of us not getting along, which is really funny. He’s such an amazing actor. I love John Cor [Hodge] as well. I just love everybody, everybody’s so nice! It’s such a great set to be on. Everybody’s really, genuinely authentic and is there for the right reasons. There’s no “star” thing going on, everybody’s really sweet.

TTVJ: Is there anything you can tease about what is coming up in the second episode?

MR: What’s great is that Clary’s going to start to remember things. She’s going to have flashbacks of things, of her past with her mom and Luke, and it’s going to start making sense to her, starting in Episode 2. She’s going to get little hints and clues of where she’s from and what was hidden. Now that she knows she’s a Shadowhunter and her mom was a Shadowhunter, everything’s going to start to come back to her.

TTVJ: I have to ask about another show you’re on, 19-2. I know you’ve finished filming Season 3, so can you give us a preview of what’s coming up with your character Isabelle?

MR: Oh my god, there’s is so much back-stabbing going on at 19. I think fans are going to be shocked and angry, which is great. It’s a really good premise. I think we’re going to be surprised, we keep the audience on their toes, and until Episode 10 people have no idea what’s going on, really, and there’s a great cliffhanger for Season 4.

My character did take a step back, unfortunately, because I couldn’t have Shadowhunters [otherwise], but there will be a Season 4–it looks really positive that there will be a Season 4–and I think it’s going to be pretty cool for Isabelle, definitely.

How did you enjoy last week’s Shadowhunters premiere? Are you excited to see what happens to Jocelyn? Sound off in the comments below.

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Freeform and is available to stream on Netflix Canada.

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