Scream Queens Whodunit: Black Hairy Tongue Disease

Steve Dietl/FOX
Steve Dietl/FOX

Happy Chanel-o-Ween, everyone! Scream Queens‘ second Halloween episode is in the books, and it sure was an eventful one.

This weekChanel’s pumpkin-patch fundraising party was a no go, while Hester/#6’s mind was on taking Chanel down and Grace’s focus was on rescuing kidnapped Zayday.

Who died? Who is behind the Red Devil mask? Who is likely to bite the dust in the coming week? We’re setting out our theories and weighing the suspects again. Join us!


Dodger, the Dollar Scholar Twin – One half of Chanel #5’s sexual Eiffel Tower is no longer. Dodger lost the apparent love of his life and his life itself when #5 chose Roger over him and the two ran away from the murderer, leaving him behind in that replica of the maze from The Shining to get garden-sheared to death by the Red Devil. As you do.

Caulfield’s Two Arms – Caulfield’s arms may be gone, but his Halloween spirit remains intact! And he actually survived that two arm dismemberment, somehow. What a champ.

Chanel’s Prison Friendships – Chanel’s prison lackeys had her back but Chanel wouldn’t know the meaning of true friendship if it came up to her and punched her in the face. Nope, Chanel and her Robert Durst guilt-burps swiftly left jail and her incarcerated prison besties in the dust in about two minutes flat.


Patti Perret/FOX
Patti Perret/FOX

Likelihood of being the killer: 4/10

Why? She’s already killed at least once (Ms. Bean) and she was pretty straightforward in her threat on Chanel #5’s life. Plus, she sent #5 off to die at the hands of the killer at the pumpkin patch, so who’s to say she didn’t slip on that Red Devil get-up and go off to take care of #5 herself?

Why not? She’s a major character, meaning we see her a lot. During a lot of these attacks, she was notably elsewhere, or with a group of others. When could she possibly have had time to enact all of these killings?

Bottom line: Still leaning towards no on this one.  We just don’t think Chanel would have the time to manage all of this murder and mayhem and party-planning all at once.

Skip Bolen/FOX
Skip Bolen/FOX

Likelihood of being the killer: 5/10

Why? We’ve hardly seen this guy, but from what we have seen of him, he’s clearly into Zayday. He was the one who gave her the push towards the fundraiser for her presidential campaign in the first place. According to Zayday’s retelling of her captivity, the killer appears to be in love with her. Earl Grey is definitely the most likely candidate for being in love with our favorite “black Die Hard.

Why not? What’s his motivation? We know almost nothing about Earl Grey so far, and he’s such a background character that it’s difficult to come up with a plausible reason for his murder spree. Loving Zayday doesn’t seem like a clear enough motive for doing what he’s done, if he is the murderer.

Bottom line: This one could go either way. We just don’t know enough about Earl Grey yet to bolster his guilty verdict with more evidence.

Steve Dietl/FOX
Steve Dietl/FOX

Likelihood of being the killer: 7/10

Why? Boone has been MIA ever since it was revealed that he was in cahoots with one of the Red Devil costumed-figures. If there are indeed two killers, it’s possible that they are tag-teaming the murders–perhaps we haven’t seen Boone because he’s been behind the Red Devil mask since his resurrection, having switched killer-shifts with whomever his accomplice is.

Why not? Seems a little too obvious. If Boone was really one of the killers, would it actually have been revealed at the end of the very first episode? There’s also still the increasingly remote chance that the Red Devil who got him out of the morgue drawer was not the actual Red Devil, but rather just someone helping him prank his fellow students.

Bottom line: Though it seems overly obvious, the fact that we haven’t seen Boone and that he has maintained his fake-dead status all this time seems really suspicious. There’s a good chance he’s actually one of the killers.

Patti Perret/FOX
Patti Perret/FOX

Likelihood of being the killer: 8/10

Why? Did you see that closing scene? The killer seemed to be stalking Gigi down the street, and we were sure she was a goner–only for the Kappa lawyer to turn the tables and start issuing commands at the Red Devil. What the what?!

Why not? Notice, though, that despite clearly being on friendly terms with the Red Devil, Gigi never actually used the words kill or murder. She just told the costumed figure that the encounter in the cellar got way out of hand and that “he’s” got to go, and for the figure to take care of it. We don’t know who “he” is or whether “got to go” actually implies that “he” needs to be killed.

Bottom line: Between this as last week’s Hag of Shady Lane reveal, Gigi is looking pretty damn guilty at this point.



Jennifer, candle-blogging Kappa pledgeJennifer had her moment in the spotlight this week, as Chanels #5 and 6 managed to convince her to turn on Chanel by using Jennifer’s passion for candles against her. That said, she’s still one of the minor characters. It’s actually surprising that she’s stuck around as long as she has. Both Jennifer and Sam are “minor Kappa pledges” (as opposed to major players Grace and Zayday), and we have a feeling that the show is going to resist killing off main, fan-favorite characters for as long as it feasibly can. We just don’t see amazing characters like Zayday, Chanel or Denise Hemphill getting killed off anytime soon, so if someone has to go, it’ll probably be another minor character.

What did we miss? Is there another suspect you think is more likely? Anyone you’re sure is definitely not a killer? Sound off in the comments below!

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