Schitt’s Creek’s Annie Murphy on Alexis’ growing independence


It seems that Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy) may finally be starting to grow up a bit in Season 2 of Schitt’s Creek. After making a decision to turn down Ted’s (Dustin Milligan) marriage proposal in last week’s premiere, Alexis seems poised to begin a new relationship with Mutt (Tim Rozon) and finally gain some independence from the rest of her family.

Murphy recently talked exclusively with The TV Junkies about Alexis’ romantic relationships, but also the ones she has with brother David (Dan Levy) and mother Moira (Catherine O’Hara), as Moira’s motherly instincts may be forced into action in a future episode that finds Alexis feeling under the weather. Murphy also previews that Alexis may be forced into finally having to get a job, as the Roses seem poised to stick around Schitt’s Creek a while longer than they’d hoped.

The TV Junkies: Alexis made her choice between Mutt and Ted. What can you tell us about her decision?

Annie Murphy: It’s a surprising thing to happen that there is a choice. I feel like early Season 1 Alexis would’ve just gone with it and dated both of them and had fun with that. But now there’s this interesting moral compass that is seeping into Alexis in Season 2. She doesn’t want to hurt anybody but has to and that’s obviously difficult.

As the second season goes on Alexis starts exploring independence for the first time, maybe ever. She’s always been surrounded by many people and many men and hasn’t taken any time for herself. That starts to trickle in as the season goes on and that was really fun to work with.

TTVJ: It’s easy to see why Alexis is drawn to Mutt, but what does he see in her that draws his interest?

AM: As self-centered and spoiled as Alexis is, there is a goodness to her. She always has the best intentions and does try to find the good and fun in situations. She’s from a completely different world than Mutt and something he’s never really experienced before. So I think it’s the unknown and the different energy that’s intriguing to him.

TTVJ: With the Roses being stuck in Schitt’s Creek for the foreseeable future, will we see Alexis get a job and what kind of jobs might she be good at?

AM: Alexis does willingly get a job this season. What kind of job she’d be good at is a completely different story. The job she does get does not allow her to wear her normal short skirt and high heel attire. Dan would just murder me if I told you what actually comes out of Alexis’ new occupation. She’s not great at it, but she’s enthusiastic.


TTVJ: Despite the fact that they bicker a lot, David and Alexis do truly care for one another. How does their relationship change and evolve in Season 2?

AM: I think the same could be said about the whole family. They find themselves in an even dire situation because they aren’t getting out of this town any time soon. They have to start dealing with that and in doing so that means dealing with each other on a level they’ve not done before. We start to see these more tender, caring moments amidst the temper tantrums between David and Alexis and temper tantrums between Alexis and Moira. There’s this real family dynamic that starts to creep in as the season goes on.

TTVJ: What’s it like playing Dan’s sister when his real-life sister Sarah Levy (Twyla) is on the show? Is that ever odd for you?

AM: No, it’s not. Everyone was fast friends and Sarah is so lovely and kind. With Dan, I feel like we were a bickery old married couple in a past life. We hit it off right away and can push each other’s buttons really well, both onscreen and off. It’s so much fun to be able to work with him in the manner that we do. It’s been nothing but good times.

TTVJ: Season 2 really opens up things and allows for some interesting pairings we’re not used to seeing. Who would you like to see Alexis paired up in the future?

AM: I have not yet had a scene with Jenn Robertson (Jocelyn). We’re really good friends in real life so it’d be a blast to do a few scenes with her. Chris [Elliott] too! He’s such a beautiful weirdo that he’d be so fun to work with. Also, picturing Alexis and Roland together makes me laugh.


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Schitt’s Creek airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on CBC.

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