Schitt’s Creek Stars Promise the “Best Season Yet”


A lot has changed since the Rose family arrived in the town of Schitt’s Creek six years ago. Each member has grown and found success in their careers and personal lives. While they once couldn’t imagine ever having to actually call it their home, as the sixth and final season of Schitt’s Creek gets ready to premiere, the town and its residents have become integral parts of the lives of each member of the Rose family. 

On the way to saying its final goodbye, the last season of Schitt’s Creek promises to be full of love and surprises. Johnny (Eugen Levy) finds himself running a second motel, something that may have been a huge mistake, while Moira (Catherine O’Hara) finds herself back in the limelight thanks to the Crows movie. Meanwhile, David (Dan Levy) and Patrick (Noah Reid) clash while envisioning their future together, and Alexis (Annie Murphy) focuses on her career while Ted (Dustin Milligan) is off in the Galapagos. 

Murphy and Reid recently joined The TV Junkies to discuss what it was like shooting the show’s final season. They also preview what lies ahead for the Roses, as well as what parts of their character throughout the years has made them the most proud. Schitt’s Creek’s final season premieres Tuesday, January 7 at 9 p.m. ET on CBC and Pop TV. 


The TV Junkies: As much as we all are hoping it’s not true, this is the last season of the show. Did that change the way you approached it at all?

Annie Murphy: The only thing that changed is the amount of Kleenex we went through shooting this season.

Noah Reid: A lot of weeping. Way more weeping than usual happening while shooting this season.

AM: I think we were all trying to savor it as much as we could, while keeping it together, but unfortunately there were several people keeping track of all “the lasts”. The last time we were shooting as a family. The last time we were shooting in the cafe. The last time David and Patrick got to smooch. People would yell out ‘this is the last time this is ever going to happen!’ That didn’t help at all.

TTVJ: All the early signs show that this last season is really going to be about love. Does that theme kind of carry throughout?

NR: Yes, I’d say it’s a loving season for sure. As a group of people, we’ve all come to really love each other, and our characters are obviously so intertwined in a wonderful way. The way this season is wrapped up is a really beautiful celebration of those things.


TTVJ: Speaking of love, Alexis was headed to the Galapagos Islands with Ted. Will we see if she made it there, and how are things looking with those two this year?

AM: We will definitely find out what happened with them. It’s a long distance relationship, which comes with its ups and downs, but they have a very special connection. That’s basically all I can say, or I will be murdered by my boss, Dan Levy.

TTVJ: Alexis really has proven herself and found success with her career. Annie, looking back to the Alexis we all met in Season 1, did you have any kind of idea where she’d end up in this final season?

AM: No. We were so kept in the dark each season, but what I love so much is that when we first met Alexis, she was a real handful and piece of work. She maybe wasn’t the most likable character you’ve ever met. I am really grateful for the opportunity I was given to peel back the layers and reveal that she’s actually a very kind and loving human being. It’s such a treat to play someone who ends up as a very well-rounded person by the end. I’m going to miss that chick!

TTVJ: Noah, what about you? Is there anything you’re really proud of in regards to Patrick?

NR: For me the highest impact, in terms of our fans messaging and people letting me know, was the coming out episode. Patrick is a character that’s very comfortable in his own skin and very confident, and that episode is beautifully crafted in that it showed that people who are comfortable being who they are, are still figuring out who they are. They have to be open with themselves and the people they love, and that takes a lot of courage, strength, and trust. That episode, and the support David, the Rose family, and his own family gave him, that was probably the best feeling and the thing I’m most proud of.

TTVJ: The last we saw them, David and Patrick had just gotten engaged. Can we expect a wedding this year?

NR:  I can’t say anything about that or I will probably die in my sleep mysteriously. I can just tell you that there is an engagement at the end of Season 5. [laughs]


TTVJ: Patrick proposed to David on a mountain and he’s sang to him. Can we expect another huge romantic gesture this year?

NR: Oh, I don’t know! I do know there are a couple of wonderful moments in the season where Patrick gets to be a part of the comedic moments in the show.

AM: For once!

NR: They are in ways that he hasn’t yet. For a guy like Patrick, a little bit of humiliation goes a long way with him. That’s all I will say. It was a really fun season, and there’s a gamut of things that Patrick gets up to. It’s exciting times you guys!

TTVJ: Can you give any hints as to what’s going on with other characters on this show? Johnny and Moira? Stevie?

AM: I am also terrified of being murdered in one’s sleep. We really can’t give much away, but it’s a season full of love and humor. I think it’s our best season yet. Everything gets tied up in a beautiful little bow at the end, and everyone gets those really lovely goodbyes.

TTVJ: You’ve been touring all over the U.S. and Canada with the show and your castmates. What’s that experience been like to see the fans close up like that?

NR: It’s pretty crazy to get to walk out on stage in front of our fans and be hit with a wave of positivity and love. We are very lucky that our fans are some of the most supportive, lovely, vocal, and encouraging people I’ve ever met. We get to go to countless cities and experience that over and over again. Now that we’ve finished shooting, it’s been really lovely to get to do this as a group knowing we won’t be going back for another season. We’re really cherishing those moments. It’s incredible.

AM: The fans are so incredibly loyal, and I’m going to say rabid, but in a positive way. They are so completely and utterly taken with the show. They know it way better than any of us do too! It’s also wonderful to see that so many people have found a community with each other within the show. People have found love and friendship within the community of the show and that’s a really cool thing to watch.


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Schitt’s Creek premieres Tuesday, January 7 at 9 p.m. ET on CBC and Pop TV.