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Swallow back those antidepressants and pull yourself out of the closet already so that you can catch up on the latest episode of CBC’s new golden child Schitt’s Creek, which aired on the public broadcaster Tuesday night.

“Don’t Worry, It’s His Sister” found the Rose family pretty much where we left them following last week’s double-pump premiere, with Johnny attempting to sell the town, Moira buckled down in a hole of self-inflicted despair and the kids … well, those adult children are still not really “getting” it, are they?

In the A story we followed Johnny and realtor Ray (Outsourced‘s Rizwan Manji) as the former made the awful realization that the town’s welcome sign was actually a sexy stop for photo-seeking tourists. It was a funny enough prop to be sure, but the fact that everyone in the town seemed unaware of the suggestive content it displayed was slightly ridiculous. Yet that’s the tone Schitt’s Creek set from the opening moments–a heightened reality–so I guess it’s not completely ridiculous.

The situation also allowed for some fun subsequent moments, such as the introduction to the town “council” or Eugene Levy being the straight man in a roomful of kooks. It also allowed his time to be so occupied that he could send his family off on their own adventures: Alexis to take care of Moira and David to get a job.

The latter setup was amusing, but only because I’m a fan of the dry way Dan Levy plays the character. From his nonchalant comments over the Parisian eye cream to his patient phone-answering and grocery bagging skills, he just seems to be disdainfully going with many of the situations he finds himself in, and that makes me giggle.

As for Moira and Alexis, that coupling quickly split when Alexis went off after the bearded garbage dude (more on that in a minute) and Moira found herself helping out a classroom production of what I’ll refer to as Peer Pressure & Drugs. Moira is certainly a hard character to pull off, but every time I think she’s gone a little too far, Catherine O’Hara pulls her back simply by the sheer commitment she gives that role. Watching her yell at children was surprisingly hilarious because we saw how new people–not her eye-rolling family–reacted to her strange behaviour.

The real standout of the episode though was Alexis, whom I find to be the most interesting character overall so far. She seems to be aware enough to cope with the things her family can’t, but she continues to look for love in all of the wrong places. Really, what young female can’t relate to that? It’s almost as though she plays dumber than she is, but at her core she’s a lot more self aware than we give her credit for. The questioning way she asked her brother for advice on the aforementioned bearded guy proved that, as did her not-so-graceful exit from the guy’s house after she found out he had a girlfriend. Also, her fashion choices and Gwyneth references just slay me.

Overall the episode wasn’t nearly as punchy as the premiere, but that’s OK. The core of this show isn’t really about moving plot along or developing in-depth characters–not yet, anyway. There will be more time for that in Season 2. For now we’re just supposed to sit back and laugh at these slightly surreal characters as they attempt to fit in with their extreme, also slightly surreal opposites. Or not. Obviously this isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

Up the Creek:

  • Looking for the rich extras featured on the sets is one of my favourite activities in following the show. This week I was totally wigging out with Moira’s wig wall.
  • Who knew that Catherine O’Hara actually had an amazing pig impression?
  • “I was hungry.” Best response to a pill binge heard on TV in a long time.
  • Of course the woman on the sign was his sister. Of course it was. Also, Horace Schitt (horse Schitt!!). Love the play on words.

Schitt’s Creek airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBC.

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