Schitt’s Creek’s Noah Reid Previews What’s Next For David and Patrick


When you hear about a show called Schitt’s Creek, you don’t expect it to deliver one of the best romances on television. However, that’s exactly what the CBC comedy, which also airs on PopTV in the U.S., has done with David (Dan Levy) and his boyfriend Patrick (Noah Reid). Together, the pair delivered some of the most romantic moments of the year, including Patrick’s beautiful acoustic rendition of Tina Turner’s “The Best,” as they worked through relationship issues to successfully open and operate Rose Apothecary.

Heading into Season 5, the pair seem to be at a great point in their relationship, and even navigating a 50 foot high ropes course can’t seem to take them down. For Toronto native Reid, the response to both David and Patrick’s relationship, as well as that infamous singing scene, has been like anything else he’s experienced in his career. The TV Junkies recently caught up with him to talk all about Schitt’s most romantic couple, where they are headed in Season 5 and whether or not we may be getting another musical performance this year.


The TV Junkies: People really love David and Patrick. What’s it like for you to play part of this couple that seems to be so universally loved? What do you think it is about them that makes people love them so much?

Noah Reid: First of all, the dynamic between Dan and I right away just felt right. Most of that is because of terrific writing. Often when you get sides for a character at an audition you’re not sure who that character is fully, but I just completely got him from the one scene I was given. That makes your job easier when the writing is so on point, and then when you get on set and have a scene partner like Dan Levy, it’s even more fun. You feel the energy of the script really alive in him and he gets it so fully. Particularly in a comedy, you want to be playing tennis with your partner, hitting the ball back and forth, and we have a lot of fun doing that.

One of the things people love about David and Patrick is that they are very playful with each other. Patrick sees David as this wonderful, unique specimen and is so intrigued, amused and in love with him. It’s a lot of fun to watch them play with each other.

TTVJ: You just spoke a little on it, but what do you think Patrick sees in David and loves so much about him?

NR: Patrick is a guy that’s lived between the lines for his entire life. It hasn’t always felt right for him, so to meet someone who so clearly lives in his own lines and outside of everyone else’s is not just amusing, but he recognizes a possibility there. He had an innate response to that which is very positive. I have a number of friends who are in same-sex relationships, have never been in them before, but met one person and said ‘Wow, I’m really drawn to this person.’ I think that does happen and it takes incredible courage to follow your instincts. I really admire that about Patrick, that he’s so comfortable in his own skin that he can say ‘OK, sure. I’m feeling this way about this person and I’m going to follow that.’ When you do that it yields good things.


TTVJ: David and Patrick worked through some stuff last season and ended the year in a really good place. Where do they go now in Season 5?

NR: They have this newly cemented, solid relationship. So in the best moments, it feels incredibly solid and you’re totally free with your partner. In its worst moments, you think ‘oh god, do I know this person at all? Do they totally hate me?’ There’s plenty of room for doubt and for insecurity to creep in, especially for a guy like David Rose. [laughs] There’s plenty of fun moments where these guys are figuring out just how they fit in each other’s lives, and if everything is as OK as it seems.

TTVJ: What’s it been like for you to bring that musical side of yourself into the character? Will we maybe see more singing from Patrick this year?

NR: First of all, it was an incredible olive branch extended by Dan and the creative team to let me have that moment and creative control over how I wanted to perform it. Dan always had a notion that the song would be great as an acoustic version, and around the time I joined the show, I was releasing my first album Songs from a Broken Chair. Dan came to the release show and said some complimentary things. I don’t know if that’s when the wheels started turning or not, but it was incredible to get to do that. The response has sort of blown my mind. That kind of range and reach is not something I’m used to having.

As far as this season, there may be a performance of some kind. There will be, I predict, a hit single, but it won’t be from me. Maybe more than one. I don’t know!

TTVJ: As much as I love David and Patrick, I really have found myself looking forward to Patrick and Stevie’s scenes together. Will we see more of those two, and what’s it like working with Emily Hampshire?

NR: Emily is one of the most unique human beings I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. She’s so amazing at what she does. She’s so driven from within to do exactly whatever she is doing at the time. Patrick and Stevie have some nice moments this season that have Emily and I, together, outside of the show rehearsing. We are well outside our comfort zone which was a lot of fun.

One of the things I love about Patrick and Stevie’s relationship, and I feel like I’ve done this, but when your partner has a really close friend, one way to connect with them is to gang up with them and make fun of your partner. I do this in my own partnership and it’s so much fun. It’s not unfamiliar territory for me.


TTVJ: Schitt’s Creek seems to be getting super popular in the U.S. What’s it like to get that kind of international response?

NR: I feel like it takes a little longer for great Canadian things to find their way into international markets. So it’s amazing to see people finding it now, and with the way that people now consume television it’s a very bingeable show. It’s an interesting arc for these characters that start out in this not lovable place, grow their hearts and figure out to be good people. I think right now people are really interested in these redemptive qualities. One of the responses the show has had a lot of is that people need a laugh these days, they need to engage in something that feels good, and watching that family find their feet and be better has been an important factor for people.

TTVJ: Anything else you would like to add?

NR: I’m in the studio right now making my second album. I’m hoping I can get it out to the world later this year. I feel like it’s tied to the show in that when the song came out and people found it, they then found my older record that I had made as a hobbyist. That’s spurred me on to make another one so hopefully there will be new music to come!


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Schitt’s Creek airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBC and is available on CBC Gem. It airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Pop TV in the U.S.

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