Life in Schitt’s Creek is good for Emily Hampshire


After getting off to a bit of a rocky start in Season 2, things seem to be going well with the friendship between David (Dan Levy) and Stevie (Emily Hampshire) on Schitt’s Creek. The pair are back at their usual banter as the Rose family adjusts to their fate of permanently living in the town. Life on the outside of town is going good for the show as well, as CBC just announced that the comedy has been renewed for Season 3.

The renewal news was great for fans of the show as well as cast members. “I can’t wait to get back for Season 3,” says Hampshire. “I just love Stevie,” she enthused of the clerk who works at the motel where the Rose family is staying. The busy Montreal born actress also stars on the SyFy drama 12 Monkeys, which will see Season 2 premiere on April 18. The TV Junkies recently caught up with Hampshire to talk about why she loves working on the comedy so much and what makes the show so special.

Schitt’s Creek isn’t your typical job

Anyone who has watched Schitt’s Creek is aware that this isn’t your typical comedy, and that feel extends behind the scenes as well. “I feel like I’m super lucky to be on a show where the people are so great and nice,” says Hampshire. That feeling of family behind the scenes isn’t always the case she says, but for her “Schitt’s Creek is such a dream job.” We’d have to agree with her, especially when Hampshire says her typical days on set consist of “sitting behind my desk and playing Sudoku. It’s great.”

She’s just fine sitting behind the desk

In fact, Stevie’s position behind the desk is not one Hampshire is eager to leave any time soon. “Every time they want to try something and say ‘Why don’t we try Stevie getting up?’ I’m like ‘No! No!’” jokes Hampshire. She even recalls one scene that was particularly funny for her this season that involved Stevie changing things up in the slightest of ways. “Dan usually comes in and comes up to the desk, but there’s one episode this season where Dan comes in and I’m making coffee behind the door and he does this double-take. I think only people who watch diligently will know that he’s doing that because I’m not behind the desk and it’s so weird to him,” she laughs.


The show’s got real heart

Hampshire says that one of the show’s most appealing qualities–and what she loves most about it–is that “it has this heart to it, so you care and you laugh because you care.” She recalls the Season 1 finale as a great example where she admits that she “cried at the end watching it as an audience. I couldn’t believe it.” So what does that mean for the rest of Season 2? “If I had to articulate it,” says Hampshire, “you know that heart emoji that has a bunch of little hearts in it so it’s the heart swelling to a bigger size? That’s what I felt like for Season 2 and how it all comes to a climax. Your heart swells so big.”

David and Stevie’s relationship is like no other on TV

Hampshire says that David and Stevie have “this ‘friend-lationship’ that I’ve never seen on screen before.” However, it’s one she says she knows very well in real life and one that many others can relate to as well. “I think a lot of girls and guys I know have that, where it’s not just a platonic relationship, but it’s not a romantic relationship. It’s so much more,” she explains. “It’s so hard to negotiate because you can’t define it and the boundaries are so blurry,” she says. It’s also one that she’s so proud of the show for portraying. “I think it’s the hardest, yet most rewarding kind of relationship, and I love so much that Dan wrote that,” Hampshire says.

Keeping a straight face is easier than you think

One may think that it’s hard to play Stevie and keep a straight face when all the craziness of the Rose family is going on around her, but Hampshire says that’s not necessarily true. “What is fortunate about playing Stevie,” the actress explains, “is that for all the other characters, they have to keep a straight face more than I do.” She also says that’s one of the best things about playing Stevie because “she kind of stands in for the audience a bit watching this family. I’m allowed to laugh.” Although she will admit that “most of the time, it’s the minute he [Dan Levy] walks out the door that I’m dying laughing and snorting.”

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She loves Stevie’s wardrobe

Stevie never gets in on the fun of the crazy and out there fashions on Schitt’s Creek and that’s just fine with Hampshire. “I think I have the best wardrobe ever because it’s so rare when you’re shooting to be able to just sit down on the ground if you want to in your costume or not worry about your hair and makeup. It makes for such a comfortable shooting experience,” she says. That’s in stark contrast to the experience some of her costars have. “I watch Annie Murphy in those heels all day long, and I do not envy that for a second,” she jokes. Hampshire is in fact so comfortable and in sync with her character that she recalls a funny moment from the start of Season 2. “My first day of Season 2, I came into work and took off my clothes to put on my character’s, and literally took off my black Converse to put on Stevie’s black Converse. That’s what it’s like. There’s no reason to change my clothes and it’s great,” she laughs.

More scenes for Stevie and Moira?

One of the nice things about Season 2 is that the world has opened up a bit and we’ve seen more and more interesting pairings (we’re looking at you David and Roland!) on screen. While most of Stevie’s scenes still seem to be with David, Hampshire says “I was really happy to have a scene with Catherine O’Hara.” She recalls the scene, which is featured in an upcoming episode, as her “favorite–other than David–interaction this season.” The only maybe unwanted side effect for Hampshire was that she “could not stop laughing at Moira,” but that isn’t deterring her. “I’d like to see more of that because it’s a really interesting dynamic,” says Hampshire.


What do you think of Schitt’s Creek in Season 2? Do you love David and Stevie’s relationship as much as we do? Add your thoughts in the comments below!

Schitt’s Creek airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBC. It returns to Pop TV in the U.S. on March 16.

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