Schitt’s Creek Creators Look Ahead to Season 2


Against all their high hopes and wishes, the Rose family is not getting out of Schitt’s Creek any time soon. Equally disappointing for viewers, our time with them has come to an end, for this season at least. Patriarch Johnny (Eugene Levy) came close to offloading the town before his buyer fell through at the last moment, leaving the family trapped for the foreseeable future. David (Dan Levy) was last seen presumably headed for New York City, daughter Alexis (Annie Murphy) had her hands full juggling two men vying for her affection, and Moira (Catherine O’Hara) may want to get that fur coat back from Ronnie Lee before Season 2 next year.

So while the Roses make no secret about the fact that they hate life in Schitt’s Creek, we here at The TV Junkies have grown quite fond of the unique characters that make up the Rose family and townspeople. We recently got the chance to talk with series’ creators Eugene and Dan Levy about the Season 1 finale, what awaits the Roses next season, and most importantly, the scoop on David’s high fashion tastes and Moira’s wigs. Read on for all the details.

The TV Junkies: We’re used to Schitt’s Creek making us laugh but we were surprised when we got emotional more than once during the finale. Why did you feel the finale warranted a more serious tone?

Dan Levy: It was a choice we made in the writer’s room. What I hoped we did was basically show everybody who has watched all 13 episodes that things actually are affecting these people in a way that is real and tangible, and hopefully relatable. Also that the show isn’t afraid of touching on emotional issues and being real for moments. I think considering it’s a comedy, there are some really weighty, emotional things that are weighing on all these characters. We really felt like, especially in the last episode, you had to hit it on the head and really give people a reality check of what’s happening with these people before we get into the second season. I think in order to do that you had to strike some emotional chords and our big hope was that the audience would be on board and appreciate that.

TTVJ: At the moment, Johnny’s sale of the town seems to have fallen through. Will he still be trying to offload it next season or will the Roses accept their fate and maybe try to make a go of it in Schitt’s Creek?

Eugene Levy: Well I think the push and pull is always there with the Rose family. I don’t think they are ever going to resign themselves to the fact that this is their permanent home. Johnny is always going to be looking for ways to make enough money to get them out of town. At the same time, they find themselves in a situation that this is their life now and they can’t just sit in their motel rooms and wish things were different. Each day is a new day and they’ve got to go out and deal with things and people that are Schitt’s Creek things. They are getting into the town and they find themselves having to get out and mingle with the townsfolk and get involved with things that are taking place in Schitt’s Creek, just to keep their sanity.


TTVJ: Will Johnny ever put Roland (Chris Elliot) in his place once and for all? How do you see their relationship continuing to evolve?

EL: Well I think the relationship is probably going to be the same as it always has been. Every time Roland comes through in a way where Johnny feels that he’s been too hard on him, he comes back in another direction where Johnny says, ‘There’s something about this guy I just can’t stand.’ That’s always going to be there. That’s the fun of it. It’s like a classic comedy team in a way, going all the way back to Laurel and Hardy. Those two had more fights than not, but underneath there was something where they cared about each other. I think that’s the same with Roland, as time goes on it’s going to be that kind of situation.

TTVJ: David was last seen driving out of town. Is he headed for New York City or somewhere else? Will we see him somewhere else before he returns to Schitt’s Creek?

DL: The search is on for David! No one knows where he is. No one knows what’s become of him. I don’t want to give too much away because that plays into the premiere of our second season. But the search is on and he’s currently missing.

TTVJ: Is there anything you guys weren’t able to do in Season 1 that you’re hoping to do for Season 2?

EL: I don’t think so.

DL: There’s more clothes to show! They packed more clothes that they didn’t get to wear so that’s exciting!

TTVJ: But we’re still hoping that David’s floral sweater from Episode 11 makes a reappearance.

DL: That was a very provocative sweater. People either really liked it or really hated it. David’s never been one to steer away from avant-garde fashion.


TTVJ: Is it true you sourced all the clothing online to feel more authentic?

DL: Yes our costume designer, Debra Hanson, and I scoured the internet, Ebay, websites and things to try and find real designer clothes that fit our budget. You’re working with a television budget that’s not a movie budget. So we were working within some confines. I knew that in order to really authenticate this family the only thing we could really do to show the money they used to come from was make their wardrobe a million dollar wardrobe. So the idea of really interesting, high fashion, designer clothes was always in my mind from the very beginning. We just have gone about it in very creative ways to maximize the amount and quality of clothing. If people like the clothes in Season 1 they are in for a big treat in Season 2!

TTVJ: Who came up with the idea of the wig wall and do we have any idea of just how many wigs Moira owns?

EL: I don’t know whether there’s a number or if anyone has actually counted them. The wig wall was Catherine’s idea I believe. The only way she could get the wigs out of the box was to just drive a nail into the wall and hang the wigs.

DL: They need to breathe after all!

TTVJ: Anything else you can tease about Season 2?

DL: For everyone that loves the first season they are in for a really big treat with the second season. A lot more laughs. A lot more clothes. A lot more funny banter and the relationships just get stronger and stronger. We’re very excited to shoot it.


What did you think of the Schitt’s Creek finale? Will the Roses ever escape this town? Where is David headed? Sound off in the comments below!