Schitt’s Creek: Annie Murphy’s Pride At Alexis’ Journey This Season


It can be a daunting task trying to keep up with comedy legends Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara on Schitt’s Creek, but now in her third season, Annie Murphy has proved she’s more than capable. Murphy plays Alexis Rose, the spoiled daughter of Moira (O’Hara) and Johnny (Levy), who along with her brother David (Dan Levy), is still trying to navigate life in Schitt’s Creek, even though the family has accepted it as their home. Season 3 of the hit CBC comedy will also see Alexis focus more on herself, rather than get caught up in romantic entanglements since her relationships with both Mutt (Tim Rozon) and Ted (Dustin Milligan) are over.

Part of focusing on herself includes a renewed focus on her education and flipping the tables on a few of her relationships. Moira will try once again to get closer to her daughter, and Alexis will see a new dynamic added to her relationship with older brother David. To get a better idea of what’s in store for Alexis this year, The TV Junkies spoke exclusively with Murphy about Alexis’ growth this year and of course how the fashions are shaping up for the Rose family.

The TV Junkies: Now that you have a couple seasons under your belt, what was it like coming back for Season 3?

Annie Murphy: First of all coming back to a job is amazing. [laughs] Coming back to a job that I’m so proud of, excited about and that makes me laugh is one thousand times better. This season I think everyone on all sides of the camera really hit their stride. The writers knew our voices so well and all the actors are at a point of feeling very comfortable with each other. It was a very nice, relaxed atmosphere. I know Dan Levy will roll his eyes when I say ‘relaxed’ because he wears all the hats, but I had such an awesome time and it shows in the season coming up.

TTVJ: Alexis got a job working at Ted’s office and grew up a lot in Season 2. Will she continue with that growth in Season 3?

AM: This season I’m so proud of the writers for writing what they did for Alexis, and I’m so proud of Alexis this season. She looks to fill gaps in her education and there are some glaring gaps in that education. In pursuing this education she achieves a level of independence we haven’t seen from her before. She’s always been relying on David, Mutt or Ted, but we really see Alexis doing Alexis this season and it’s really courageous for her. It’s exciting to see her going off on her own, challenging herself and doing her own thing. I had a lot of fun playing that.

TTVJ: Alexis is no longer dating Ted and things are still complicated with Mutt, so is Alexis taking a break from romance in Season 3?

AM: She will always be romantically connected to both of those guys. I think they both impacted her in ways and brought an intensity she had never dealt with before. So she’ll always be connected to both of them, but Mutt took off and did his own thing. Loyal Ted is always around but Alexis chooses to take a few steps back romantically from everyone and pursue what she wants to pursue.


TTVJ: Alexis and David’s relationship is one I really love and even though they fight against it, they really care for one another. How will their relationship grow this season?

AM: It grows in the sense that they are still forced to live within 10 feet of each other on a daily basis, but they are still very much David and Alexis. Alexis is around and supports David in a business venture he decides to do and in her eyes is helpful with some relationship advice. They are, as always, reluctantly there for each other.

TTVJ: There is an opportunity where the tables sort of turn and Alexis gets to be there for David which was a lot of fun to see.

AM: We’re used to David in his older brother role and talking down to Alexis a lot right? But it boils down to the fact that Alexis, even though her adventures have been wild and she’s ended up in hot water with most of them, at the end of the day has so much more life experience than David. There are some really great scenes this season where it’s Alexis coaching David as opposed to the other way around.

TTVJ: Moira and Alexis have never been close, but Moira makes another attempt at getting closer this season. Can you give us any indication how that goes?

AM: It’s always baby steps with the Rose family. But when enough baby steps are taken things progress and evolve. I don’t think there’s a huge change in Moira and Alexis’ relationship throughout the season, but you do start seeing the love. It’s going to be hard because they spent 25 years apart on different ends of the planet, but I think there are a lot of similarities between Moira and Alexis that are getting harder to ignore.

TTVJ: We can’t discuss Schitt’s Creek without talking about the wardrobe. What’s the Season 3 fashions looking like?

AM: The fashion continues to blow my mind, as does the whereabouts of these fashionable items. I think the family must’ve done some exceptional shrink-wrapping as they were packing up their stuff at the mansion because Dan keeps coming up with these absolutely gorgeous pieces. He has a bit of an Ebay compulsion so it’s nice he created the show to give himself an excuse for online shopping. My fittings every season have gotten longer and longer and longer. The outfits have become more beautiful and for Moira, more over the top. Alexis has some choices for her schooling, and what she chooses to look her best in for her education, that were probably my favorite this season.


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Schitt’s Creek airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on CBC and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Pop.