Saying goodbye to Lost Girl


The stakes were certainly raised by Lost Girl‘s fourth season with the loss of two very important members of Bo’s family, including her best friend and “heart” Kenzi (Ksenia Solo is thankfully living on with Orphan Black), setting the series up for a stunning fifth and final season. The TV Junkies was lucky enough to meet up with the cast as they were filming the expanded season this summer in Toronto, and got to check out a super-cool location while getting the low down on some of the big, massively huge answers coming for Bo before the end, which we’ll be sharing with you throughout the season. We also got to talk with the cast about what it was like to say goodbye to the series and their characters after all these years–and what you can expect from the upcoming 16 episodes.

Anna Silk

1_smallI think we were upset in the beginning because at some point you have to say goodbye and we were just like, no, not yet! But I really do believe that where the show has evolved to, we have such a wonderful ending and such a gift to know that it’s the end and I feel like the story we’re telling this year brought us to where we’re supposed to be and takes us to where we want to go in such a great way that I think the fans are going to be just as emotional and hopefully moved and excited about it as we are. Because we really are. It’s so hard to say goodbye to such a great character and so hard to say goodbye to this cast and crew because it’s really been dream job, but it’s nice to say goodbye the way you want to.

The stakes are high and I feel like this season–because it’s such a loss, Kenzi being basically family to her–family’s a huge theme this season. So other things that are important to her are protecting her family, which is not her real family but her makeshift family and then finding her roots again. I mean, her father and that lineage is very much responsible for a lot of pain in her life and she needs answers to that.

Kris Holden-Ried

2_smallThere’s always that balance you want to strike between satisfying the audience and not drawing it out so long they don’t care anymore. And I think we’ve managed—I think this is a very natural arc and it’s brought us to this season and the stakes. A lot of the answers—or a lot of the questions get answered this season, the past sort of catches up with us, and it’s sort of how we deal with it, what is the future of the Fae from here on in?

I know the goal is to close up as many stories as we possibly can and to bring answers, to really give people a satisfactory ending to this shoot, this five year journey that we all have been on. That’s really the biggest concern for us, to make sure that we end strong and in a way that people feel satisfied and justified in the arcs that they’ve invested in and the characters that they’ve grown to love.

I think over the last five years we’ve managed to explore Bo’s beginning, her mother, her existence with the Fae, her existence with this world, who’s the father, so I think we’ve kind of come full circle. And Lost Girl, hopefully at the end of this, will no longer be lost. Found Girl!

Richard Howland

434391.1It’s goodbye to the show but it’s not necessarily goodbye to us. I’m not going anywhere. I’m still going to be tweeting and I’ll still tweet about #TricksterTuesday for as long as it stays alive, as long as I can. If I’m free every Tuesday to put out a tweet I will happy Trickster Tuesday a tweet and retweet the photos and everything.

There’s tons of stories out there where young people who have come out to family because our show gave them the confidence to do so. I’ve witnessed people telling Zoe and Anna stories like that and they’re just in tears and shaking and so appreciative of what the show has given them in terms of their own personal bravery and their own abilities to do things, or to find themselves. To do that looking for that thing inside them that they’ve seemed to bury or hide or trying to hide from the world, when really, for all of us, to really live our own lives you have to live authentically and to do that you have to be honest—and the only person you have to be honest with is yourself. And when you do that you’re free. You get the Valkyrie wings and you can fly when you are free of that stuff.

And so it’s been awesome to see that actually have an effect on people, to have the show have an effect on people. I hope young people with disabilities—and I’ve got several people who fought in the Gulf War, during Afghanistan who are now in wheelchairs who come to our show, or come to the ComicCons—they express how they’ve garnered strength from the show, from Bo, from my character, from me as an actor. That’s so important, it’s so important to everyone if you ever have a bad thing happen in your life you have to get back up and dust yourself off and plug away and know that that bad thing is behind you. And if it’s somebody who has passed on in your life they’re with you, cheering you on, so you’ve got to just keep moving forward.

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Lost Girl returns to Canada’s Showcase Dec. 7 and to SyFy in 2015. Catch up on past seasons now via iTunes.