Saving Hope’s Kim Shaw On Being A New Resident At Hope Zion

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Things are changing this season on Saving Hope and after watching the first three episodes we are really starting to feel the difference. Dynamics between doctors have changed, new characters have been introduced, and everything seems to be running on a whole other level at Hope Zion.

This week three new residents were thrown into the mix and we can’t help but wonder what kind complications they are going to cause. The third episode, “Start Me Up”, saw Kim Shaw make a huge impact right off the bat as Dr. Cassie Williams, leaving us eager to get her insight on this new character. Shaw shared with us what it’s like to come into an established show and previews what we can expect from Cassie as the season goes on.

The TV Junkies: Cassie had a case of first day jitters, did you feel something similar in joining an established show like Saving Hope?

Kim Shaw: Oh absolutely. They kind of welcomed me with open arms into this well oiled machine that is Saving Hope, but it was the first time that I’ve ever done a medical drama and there is a LOT to remember going into a scene. And just when you think you’ve got everything memorized, two or three surgeons come walking towards you with new things to memorize–things like hand placement and stitches and all sorts of other things. So it was definitely a little overwhelming and I’m so grateful that the scene actually allowed that to come through.

TTVJ: We’re Cassie’s jitters normal nerves or is there something more going on there?

KS: I think that with the new doctors coming in, when you’re finished with your four years of medical school you’ve only been practicing on cadavers. You’ve never actually had your hands inside a real live person before. Cassie is really empathetic, which we will find out in the next few episodes, so for her it’s hard to think of this person that her hands are in as a patient, she just keeps thinking of them as this person that she was just talking to a few minutes ago. So it’s really hard for her to separate things. And I think that she gets a little overwhelmed thinking that this person’s life is in her hands. I think that is the thing that she deals with the most, and she kind of finds her way of how to deal with that through the guidance of a few of the other doctors that she’s working with.

TTVJ: Alex (Erica Durance) and Cassie seemed to make a connection, will we see more of them working together?

KS: Definitely. What’s wonderful about working a show with such a big cast like Saving Hope, and it taking place in a hospital, is that there are lots of different surgeries and everybody has their own specialty. So we get to see the new doctors working with the older ones that we already love in new storylines each week. Sometimes she’ll be in the ER, sometimes she’ll be in plastics–so it’s interesting to get to see them working from all different sides.

TTVJ: Will there be any competitiveness amongst the three new residents as the season goes on?

KS: Sure, whenever you’re new you kind of want to state your claim a little bit and show what you can do, but I think Cassie probably has the least of that. She just wants to learn and to be a good doctor. I think that it comes at her from a couple of the other new doctors, which will be interesting to see, but they’re friends so I think that we kind of warm up to all of them in the end.

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TTVJ: There’s obviously some history between Cassie and Patrick (Max Bennett). Can you elaborate on that at all?

KS: And give away the spoilers? Well, we elude to Patrick as being gone for 18 months and that’s kind of the mystery of him. And the interesting thing between the two of them, when she slaps him at the end, is that we all think that she had something to do with those missing eighteen months, but that’s all I can say. I would love to tell you what it is. I’m dying to talk to someone about it, but I can’t.

TTVJ: What’s their relationship going to be like moving forward?

KS: It’s kind of a slow burn until we find out what it’s about, and then it’s a really juicy story about the both of them. What I love about it is you’ve known Patrick for two episodes now and what I realize now, when I’m walking down the street, is that you have no idea what their life has been like or what they’ve been through and the bumbly loving Patrick that we’ve come to love in those first two episodes, it gets maybe a little darker than what we thought.

TTVJ: With so many hot docs walking the halls of Hope Zion, will there be romance in Cassie’s future?

KS: Yeah, I think that’s the wonderful part about a soap is that it could be anybody at any given time.

TTVJ: There seem to be so many options this season.

KS: There’s so many options. At the table reads I just sit there and think, ‘Man, I’d love to be a patient at this hospital.’

TTVJ: Right? Especially will some of the new people like Peter Mooney coming in.

KS: Oh my gosh, yeah we’ve got so many of the Rookie Blue cast members coming in. It’s funny because the first thing they all say when they come in is that they feel so much lighter without their holsters. We are all waiting in line to see who gets to be Peter Mooney’s love interest.

TTVJ: Are there any other relationships that we are going to see developing between Cassie and the rest of the cast?

KS: Some of my favorite scenes coming up are with Wendy’s (Crewson) character Dr. Dana Kinney. I think that there’s a really lovely bond that happens between her and Cassie–similar with how Cassie was with Erica (Durance, Alex Reid) earlier in the season. Cassie is just a sponge for knowledge and Dr. Kinney has so much knowledge to give. I just loved working with Wendy, she is ridiculously fun. I hope that there are more of those scenes coming up because it really was a blast for me.

Have you noticed a change to Saving Hope so far this season? What did you think about the new residents? Are you looking forward to getting to know Cassie as the season goes on? Let us know what you think by leaving a few words in the comments section below.


Saving Hope airs Thursday’s at 9pm on CTV