Rookie Blue’s Travis Milne Brings Saving Hope To the Dark Side

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When Saving Hope premiered last week we were introduced to a whole new side of the ghost world thanks to Tom Crenshaw (Travis Milne). Alex’s (Erica Durance) patient, convicted of murdering his wife, was placed into a medically induced coma which allowed him to cross a line and approach Charlie (Michael Shanks), as a ghost, in his home, thus proving that Tom Crenshaw is no ordinary Saving Hope ghost. Could Crenshaw be a way for the writers to add a new, darker theme for this season?

If you thought Tom looked familiar that’s because Milne spent six seasons playing Chris Diaz on Rookie Blue. To get Milne’s view on playing this new character we were lucky enough to talk with him earlier in the week. He shared with us what attracted him to this darker role, if he poses any threat to Charlie and his thoughts on Rookie Blue’s return.

The TV Junkies: This character is quite different from Chris Diaz on Rookie Blue. What attracted you to the role?

Travis Milne:. One of the producers Sonia (Hosko) called me asked me a while ago if I wanted to work on Saving Hope, and for years I’ve been saying that I want to be on Saving Hope so bad. Like ‘Please, please put me on it.’ So I had been hounding them for a while. Finally they agreed. Also it’s the same production company that does Rookie Blue so they called me up and offered it to me. They said ‘we are going to have you play this darker character.’ I read it and initially I was like, ‘Oh, I don’t know, is this a good guy or a bad guy?’ The moral ambiguity is what really attracted me to this character initially I think. I thought either way it would be a good character to play. The idea of playing a bit of a darker character is probably what attracted me to it the most.

TTVJ: You seem to have started a trend as a bunch of your Rookie Blue co-stars are going to be showing up as well this season. Does your role cross over with theirs at all?

TM: Yeah, leave it to me to start a trend. I just wish I was jumping on to a series regular role on Saving Hope as opposed to being there for a couple and then popping out. I was like, ‘Dude, I will stick around. I will totally hang out.’

Charlotte (Sullivan) is in the one episode that I’m in (Episode 4), but our characters don’t interact. I wish they did. But Charlotte has an amazing episode. What happens to Charlotte’s character is crazy and she does a great job with it.

TTVJ: On a side note how great would a Rookie Blue/Saving Hope crossover episode be?

TM: That would be amazing! That is one thing that we really need to think about. We could do just like they do with the Chicago shows except set in Toronto. Toronto Fire, Toronto PD and Toronto Med. I’m sure once the networks saw the ratings this could create they’d work something out.

TTVJ: Tom is in prison for the murder of his wife. Is it safe to assume that there are some doubts around his conviction?

TM: Yeah, I mean, I don’t want to spoil anything, but I’m excited for you to see what happens. There are some doubts though for sure. There is a lot of charisma to Tom that I find very interesting. I always like to bring a little bit of myself into all of the characters that I play in order to make them more authentic, and I feel like I did that with Tom. I loved being on Rookie Blue, loved it. I did that for seven years, but it was nice to play something a little different. It was like I stepped into another uniform. From a cop to a convict. From blue to orange. Hopefully next I’ll do a stint as a firefighter and then I’ll do some doctor show and that’ll be that for the next 10 years.

TTVJ: OK that would be great.

TM: No that would be sick, seriously. Can we make that happen?

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TTVJ: Charlie seems like a bit of a lifeline to Tom. Are we going to see him helping out Tom in the future or will they be helping out each other?

TM: See it’s interesting. I think Tom’s character can help Charlie quite a bit. There are things that Tom can see that Charlie can’t. And there are conversations that Charlie would like to have with some of the spirits that he can’t, but Tom can. Tom can get him that Intel. It’s kind of a weird dynamic in a way, but Tom could be really helpful to Charlie.

TTVJ: What about Charlie helping out Tom? Is there something that Charlie can do to help Tom prove his innocence?

TM: What Charlie could do is–because he’s an orthopedic surgeon–he could help break down the case more and find some weak points in the prosecutors case. Then he could take that information to a lawyer and have it all overturned. But we don’t know if Tom will ever wake up right? Anything could happen while he’s in that coma.

TTVJ: At the end of the first episode Tom crossed a line and went to see Charlie in his house. Why did he do that?

TM: Yeah that was actually pretty interesting. It makes you wonder a bit what else can these spirits do right? He went there to ask for help but what if he went there to cause trouble? That could be a new twist. It was a bit of game changer for sure. I think it was the urgency behind it all that made him do that, but also I think that Tom hadn’t quite learned the rules yet. He didn’t know how things worked for Charlie yet.

TTVJ: Does Tom have an ulterior motive behind all this or can we trust him? Is he just going to Charlie for help with his case or is there more to it?

TM: I think by in large people are motivated by more than one thing. So I would say that there are definitely some ulterior motives going on. I think for him, he sees this as his last shot at redemption. So I think it’s not just about proving his innocence, but also redeeming himself as a person in society. It’s about finding peace and redemption.

TTVJ: Will Charlie’s ghost-seeing secret be put in jeopardy at all by Tom?

TM: Yeah, I think that I’m probably the most forthcoming of all the ghosts so far so I think it could put Charlie’s secret into a bit of jeopardy. One thing that I’ve always found interesting about this show and these ghosts is, is Charlie really seeing these ghosts or is it his subconscious? Is he a schizophrenic or is he really seeing these ghosts? Only Charlie is having these conversations with these ghosts. Why isn’t there anyone else seeing these ghosts? Or is there? I think this is going to make people start to question things a bit, even Charlie.

These ghosts are probably the most interesting thing about Saving Hope. I really love the spirit world. It’s the best part of the show. It makes it a completely different show [from any other procedural medical drama]. This allows a whole new realm of possibilities and stories that they haven’t even begun to get into. I think that they could have a lot more fun with it all.

TTVJ: Have you really still not heard anything about Rookie Blue being renewed?

TM: I don’t know what is going on.

TTVJ: It’s frustrating to us as viewers, so I can only imagine what it’s like for you guys.

TM: It’s torture, it really is. But also sometimes you just have to kind of embrace it. I chose this profession and this is just how it is sometime. Sometimes you just have to ‘Let go and Let God’ you know?

TTVJ: Are you working on anything else right now?

TM: No, I wish I was but I’m not. I definitely didn’t understand starting out how great Rookie Blue would become. We had this little spark of a show and it turned in to something great. Now it’s over and I don’t know what’s next. Not yet.


Are you excited to see more of Milne on Saving Hope? Do you think his character will cause trouble for Charlie? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below.

Saving Hope airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CTV.