Saving Hope Stars Weigh In on What’s to Come for Alex and Charlie

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For three seasons Saving Hope was a show that centered on the angsty love triangle between Joel (Daniel Gillies), Alex (Erica Durance) and Charlie (Michael Shanks). With Joel’s tragic death at the end of last season the show has been forced to change that focus and expose viewers to a whole new side of the doctors at Hope Zion Hospital. While Joel’s death may have allowed Charlie and Alex to move on with their lives, the couple now has to learn to live their lives together like we’ve never seen them before.

The Season 4 premiere saw Charlie struggle with knowing the truth about baby Luke’s paternity but any doubt Alex (or viewers) may have had regarding his true intentions were put to bed in that final scene. Charlie stepped up and admitted to Alex that he didn’t need to know who Luke’s father was because no matter what, he would be there. While his words may have tugged at our heart strings it’s hard not to wonder if he was telling the truth. Does he really not want to know? And what about Alex, is she really OK with never finding out who Luke’s father is?

To clear up a few of our concerns and to discuss the upcoming season we had a chat with Saving Hope stars Erica Durance and Michael Shanks. Read on for their thoughts and feelings about what’s to come.

The TV Junkies: There is a different feeling amongst the characters this season and we think that it’s going to make for a pretty interesting season.

Erica Durance: Yeah, I think the audience is going to really like it. Every year it has been interesting and fun as actors because every year it changes a little bit and becomes a slightly different show. So we have to kind of dance the dance. And this year’s really great because you just get to know the characters a bit more and we’re bringing in new characters.

Michael Shanks: You will get to see the characters in a different way. You go from seeing Alex and Maggie (Julia Taylor Ross) as residents last year, struggling away with all the stresses they entail and now they’re kind of superiors. So we get to see them interact with the new people and see how they are as bosses instead of subservients. Changing up the dynamics that way and seeing the characters interact on different levels of hierarchy is really cool. And we’ll also be seeing things like Zach (Benjamin Ayres) dealing with Joel’s death, and Alex dealing with being a mother and trying to balance her obviously strong passion about her job, mixed with her new passion about being a mother. It’s really different from seasons past.

TTVJ: Will Charlie really be able to live with not knowing who Baby Luke’s father is? Will we find out the truth eventually?

MS: Well it’s not really credible for him to never know. I think it would be taking artistic license really far. But I think regardless of what the outcome is, I don’t think his position on Luke would change just given what that signifies. That’s a role and a function for any person that’s in the position of being a father figure to someone they wouldn’t relinquish that no matter what. That’s the role he’s taken and he wouldn’t drop it just because it’s Joel’s baby.

TTVJ: And what about Alex? Is she going to be OK not knowing?

ED: I think it’s kind of always been there. I think it’s something that she’s thinking about but at the same time life moves on and she’s moving forward, and who the father is doesn’t matter to her because they (Alex and Charlie) are a family now. And that’s where they are headed. And it’s nice for the audience to get to see them live out in real time, instead of in all the flashbacks, so they are actually watching as they experience their relationship.

MS: Yeah, it’s the first time we’re seeing them with all the truths on the table, and all the past in the past, and now they’re able to exist in the present with no secrets being hidden away and their just dealing with life. Their holding hands together with this baby and we get to see what that’s like and whether that will work of not.


TTVJ: How will Alex knowing about Charlie’s ability to see ghosts change their relationship going forward? Will he include her more?

ED: You’re just going to have to watch…

MS: Well, what you are going to see a little bit of this season is Charlie trying to get to the bottom of it. Now that it’s not a secret from Alex anymore, how do they deal with it together? His (Charlie’s) solution for it is to get to the bottom of it. Why is he seeing these ghosts? Is there anybody else like him out there and why does he posses these abilities? So he’s going to start that journey this season, which is something I’ve been bugging them to do for a while because it seems like the first question you’d ask yourself, but apparently we had bigger relationship fish to fry first so…

ED: You know I think too, for Alex, watching Charlie is part of the fun and seeing if she is fully invested and fully believes, because she believes him, or is it because she loves him? You know, the difference in believing it’s actually out there or believing that he sees it’s out there and how far does that go?

TTVJ: Charlie and Alex seem to be in a really good place. Will this continue or are they going to be facing any bumps in the road with their relationship as the season progresses?

MS: Well it wouldn’t be Saving Hope without a few bumps in the road that’s for sure.

ED: Yeah, and we’ve got a little bit more in the spirit world this season. That is a little different this season, it’s got a different colour to it. They are a little bit more malevolent, some of them aren’t particularly well meaning. So that is something that’s very different for the viewer to watch this season too.

TTVJ: For so long the Alex/Charlie/Joel love triangle was front and center on the show. What’s the adjustment like for your characters now that Joel is gone?

MS: What it does is take the focus of the show off of that angsty, will-they-or-won’t-they, at least from these two characters’ perspectives. And it sets them on a course that is a far more adult perspective on life. Rather than these grown men punching each other in the hallways and fighting over patients, now you’re seeing Alex and Charlie move forward. And not to say that you aren’t going to see romance and entanglements on the show, it’s just not going to necessarily have to involve them anymore.

TTVJ: So is that going to open up more storylines for the rest of the cast?

MS: Absolutely.

What did you think of the Saving Hope premiere? Do you think that Alex and Charlie are really going to be OK with not knowing the truth about Luke’s father? What do you think of the new feel for the show? Do you like what you are seeing so far? Drop a few words in the comments section below and let us know how you’re feeling.

Saving Hope airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CTV.