Saving Hope Postmortem: Season 4 Goes Out With a Bang

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*** Warning: This article contains spoilers about the Season 4 finale of Saving Hope. ***

Season 4 of Saving Hope literally ended with a bang on Sunday night as an unexpected visitor made a surprise visit. Tom Crenshaw (Rookie Blue’s Travis Milne), the man who Charlie (Michael Shanks) discovered earlier this season had killed his wife, made a shocking return as he crashed the Hope Zion gala, gun in hand, and took a shot at Charlie and Alex (Erica Durance). Just as the audience was able to breathe a sigh of relief at Charlie recovering from brain surgery to remove a tumor, they must now wait until next season to find out the outcome of the shooting.

In happier news, Dawn (Michelle Nolden) and Zach (Benjamin Ayres) worked through a misunderstanding and seemed happier than ever, and Dana (Wendy Crewson) reappeared and is doing well with her cancer treatments. Meanwhile, Maggie (Julia Taylor Ross) may still be unlucky in the love department, but seems to be doing well professionally after sharing a fellowship award with Alex.

The TV Junkies recently spoke with Saving Hope showrunner Adam Pettle to exclusively discuss Tom’s reappearance and what it means for Alex, Charlie and everyone else at Hope Zion. Pettle, who is already back at work with the Saving Hope writers breaking Season 5, confirmed that while Crewson’s Dana will return next year, this unfortunately was the end for Peter Mooney’s Dr. Jeremy Bishop who headed back to LA.

The TV Junkies: Last year’s season finale was such a shocker. Did you feel any pressure to top it?

Adam Pettle: We are always conceiving the end of the season not knowing whether the show is going to get ordered or not. We did find out in enough time to try and build in enough of a cliffhanger. We didn’t want to try to compete with Joel (Daniel Gillies) blowing up–because that was so epic–but we wanted there to be a cliffhanger and something to come back to. If it was the last episode of the whole thing we designed it–with Charlie narrating and the tux–to have this feel of coming full circle, but then with a bit of a turn in it when we knew we were coming back.

TTVJ: So who did Tom shoot and does this mean he remembers what happened when he was a ghost?

AP: Yes, he does remember because there’s a look right when he wakes up where he looks at Charlie and you get the sense that he and Charlie have a moment. So yes, he does remember that he told Charlie in the spirit world that he wouldn’t forget. There have been a few ghosts that have remembered or have memories or flashes–like the kid who drew the picture of Charlie–so we have played with the idea that there are certain people who bring stuff back with them.

As for who did he shoot, I don’t know if I want to say that.

TTVJ: In removing Charlie’s tumor there’s a risk that he’ll lose his abilities. But is it safe to assume that we can’t have Saving Hope without the ghosts?

AP: Yes, I think it is safe to assume that. He still sees ghosts and in Season 5 we are exploring that the removal of the tumor might not only mean that he still sees ghosts, but that he sees them even more. In more places or more acutely. It’s going to amp up and not go the other way.

Bell Media
Bell Media

TTVJ: I noticed that Tom referred to Alex as Charlie’s wife, but I don’t think I saw a ring on her finger. Alex and Charlie aren’t married are they?

AP: No, they are not married. He just assumed that they are, but they are not. They’ve never made it to the altar without something horrible happening.

TTVJ: When Alex was praying for Charlie to be alright she mentioned that she’s cursed and said she’d stay away from him. Obviously that’s not the case once we’ve fast forwarded in time, so will we see that brought up again next season?

AP: Yes. She made this pact to keep him alive that she didn’t honor and then this horrible thing happened that Alex might attribute to the fact that she didn’t keep up her end of the bargain.

TTVJ: We saw Dawn and Zach returning from Vancouver. Is it correct to assume that was only a weekend visit? Can we expect more bliss from them as we head into next season?

AP: Yes, they are just doing weekends. They will both be at Hope Zion next year. It will not be without its turmoil, but they’ve just gotten together so we’ll explore that first rush of a relationship and what it means for two busy doctors–one whose family is away, and one who is Chief of Surgery–to manage a new relationship together. So yes, for a little while.

TTVJ: On the other hand, Maggie worked really hard to find herself professionally this season, but she’s still pretty unhappy in her personal life. Is Season 5 the right time for her to find some happiness, and are there any plans to try to get Sydney (Stacey Farber) to return as part of that?

AP: Yes and yes. We hope that she can find happiness in love. I love the character of Sydney Katz and I love Stacey Farber. We would love for her to be on the show. We’ll see.


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Saving Hope will return for Season 5 in Fall 2016.