Saving Hope: Saying a hard farewell



I am in complete and utter shock after Wednesday’s season finale of Saving Hope. I’m even a little bit devastated. Joel has always been one of my favourite characters and this season we were finally getting to see him grow and come in to his own. I know there was a lot that happened this week but this review is going to focus on Joel and what an amazing character I thought he was. I know he wasn’t everyone’s favourite but you can’t deny that he was something special.

From the very beginning of Saving Hope there’s always been something special about Joel Goran. Yes, I admit that it was probably that pretty face, the perfect amount of scruff and that amazing New Zealand accent that first caught my attention, but my love for Joel became so much more than that.

He started out as this young cocky surgeon and grew to become a well rounded and stand up guy. He’s always been that laid back, naturally cool doctor that just exuded confidence. He had immense talent that was always evident to patients and coworkers alike. He was never scared to try new things and showed us some of the coolest and grossest surgical procedures we’ve ever seen on TV. There was never a dull moment with Joel and he always managed to make being a doctor fun.



While we watched him go through a few relationships over the years with Maggie and Sonja he wasn’t all in. There always seemed to be something holding him back as he kept one foot out the door. That all seemed to change when Charlie broke up with Alex and Joel started to actively pursue her. While I always liked Alex and Charlie together, I did start to feel a little bored by their relationship. On the other hand Alex and Joel’s relationship was anything but boring. They had this amazing heat and chemistry right from the very start.



They brought a much needed spark back to the show each week and I know I could not have been happier when they finally hooked up at the end of “Joel 2:31”. That scene couldn’t have been hotter and it gave all of the Jalex fans out there exactly what they had been waiting for.



Yes after that Joel did falter a bit. His fear of commitment caught up to him and he broke things off with Alex. But when he found out that Alex was pregnant and that he may soon be a father, he really started to make a change for the better. He gave Alex the space she needed to figure things out for herself but he let her know that he was ready and willing to be a part of this baby’s life. Now his plans to propose to Alex may have seemed a little out there, but they were all made in good faith. As he said in this week’s episode, he was finally in love and he was maybe going to be a father. He was ready to take the next step with Alex. He wanted to marry her and to spend the rest of his life with her.

Joel and Alex


Hearing him say those words made the scenes immediately following so much more heartbreaking. He never got to tell Alex how he felt. He never got the chance to tell her that he loved her and  he never got the chance to propose.

The scene at the end where Joel’s ghost came in and said goodbye to Alex and her baby was beautiful. I think I was in shock up to that point but as soon as he gave Alex that kiss and asked Charlie to take care of them the tears started to flow.

I really hope that Joel ends up being the father of Alex’s baby. It would be a nice way for the show to honour his memory. Maybe Luke’s middle name could be Joel.

I am wondering if Alex will even bother finding out who the father is. Does it even matter now? Joel is gone and Charlie is back in her life no matter what. I don’t think Joel being the father of the baby is going to change anything. I almost hope that she doesn’t find out. I think it’ll be an interesting twist for no one to know. It’ll keep us guessing.

We said goodbye to a lot of people this season on Saving Hope but none were as difficult as saying goodbye to Joel. He was an amazing character and was played so brilliantly by Daniel Gillies. He will definitely be missed here at The TV Junkies.

SH - at the boards


More “Hope”

  • I’m kind of sad that we never got to see Shahir’s “Team Sha-Lex” shirts in action. I can only imagine the fun that they would have had in the delivery room with him and his crazy antics.
  • Usually when your water breaks it makes a pretty big mess. It’s not always right away but eventually a pretty significant amount of fluid makes its way out of you. How was Alex able to show no evidence of it actually happening and keep on wearing that dress? Was she wearing depends?
  • Alex managed to show us how amazing she is yet again. Who else would be able to go through labour while taking their surgical boards? I’m starting to think she might actually have super powers.
  • What was up with the horse? Was it the spirit that Charlie was seeing this week or was it something else? Was it supposed to symbolize a bad omen like Charlie thought or possibly death or a hero like mythologies tell us?
  • Could Alex’s baby have been any cuter? I know all babies are cute but that baby was extra cute.
  • How great was Maggie this week? Not only did she help get Alex through her boards but she delivered her baby with shoulder dystocia in the back of ambulance. That’s impressive!
  • I really felt bad for Dawn this week. She was trying so hard to be happy for Charlie and for Alex but really all she wanted to do was cry. I really hope that she finds happiness with Giselle in the future. She really does deserve it.

What did you think of this week’s season finale? Are you as heartbroken as we are over the loss of Dr. Goran? Where do you think the show will go from here? Tell us your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

That’s it for Saving Hope this season but it will return in the fall on CTV.