Saving Hope Preview: Going to Desperate Measures

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Sometimes it’s necessary to bend, or even break, the rules. That’s definitely the feeling at Hope Zion on this week’s episode of Saving Hope as both Alex (Erica Durance) and Dawn (Michelle Nolden) are pushed to make some tough choices. In “Tested and Tried,” written by Malcolm MacRury and directed by Gregory Smith, it seems like many of the Saving Hope docs are being pushed to extreme measures, thanks to new CEO Thomas Leffering (Joe Dinicol, Blindspot).

We here at The TV Junkies got an advanced look at the upcoming episode and are dropping a few hints about what fans can expect this week. As always, these are just teasers and not spoilers about the latest episode so be sure to tune in and see the fun for yourself!


Charlie and Luke bonding time

If you’ve been anything like us, then you’ve been worried that because of his break up with Alex,  Charlie may not be getting to see Luke any more. Thankfully this week confirms that he’s still committed to getting some special bonding time in with the little guy. He’s ready to take more actions if necessary too and Alex may not be so happy about that.

The guest star carousel continues

Season 5 continues to bring the goods when it comes to fun guest stars visiting Hope Zion each week. This week fans will recognize familiar faces such as Greg Bryk (Bitten, Mary Kills People) and Kate Drummond (Wynonna Earp) as the parents of a young boy in need of a liver transplant. There’s some complications involved though given Bryk’s character is actually in witness protection.

Bell Media
Bell Media

Zach has Dawn’s back

Zach and Dawn continue to be the cutest couple at Hope Zion, and the good Dr. Miller of course has his girlfriend’s back when it comes to her new boss, CEO Thomas Leffering, aka the “baby faced assassin.” He’s fully aware that Thomas is trying to prove himself in this new position, but wants to make it clear he’s 100 per cent on Team Dawn in this battle, especially when Thomas starts questioning Dawn’s position on the new medical landscape. It’s just too bad Zach may have his own problems to deal with thanks to the new CEO.

“Super Cuts” will never die

While Zach may have given Alex that hair cut several episodes ago, I appreciate the way the team on Saving Hope will not let the joke die. He’s still getting called “Super Cuts” and having jokes about haircuts thrown his way this week, and I, for one, continue to enjoy the heck out of it. Sorry Zach!

Maggie’s study continues

Remember sweet Bree Hannigan (Rebecca Liddiard), the patient we met a few week’s back that Maggie wanted to be in her new cancer study? Well she’s back this week and we get an update on her condition and her relationship status with her girlfriend who seemed to have one foot out the door last time we saw.


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Saving Hope airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on CTV in Canada and Wednesdays at 12 a.m. ET on ion TV in the US.

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