Saving Hope’s Peter Mooney is here to shake things up

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Bell Media

If we’re looking on the bright side, there is one good thing about Rookie Blue coming to an end this past year, it freed up Peter Mooney to join the Saving Hope cast this season. Mooney comes to Hope Zion as Dr. Jeremy Bishop, described by Bell Media’s press release as a “roguishly charming General Surgeon with a laid back attitude and spontaneous, in the moment approach to medicine.”

You can definitely count us amongst those intrigued by that description. In order to learn more about Dr. Bishop, as well as Mooney’s transition from Rookie Blue, we went straight to the source. In an exclusive interview with The TV Junkies Mooney talks about what’s to come for Bishop as he joins the staff at Hope Zion.

The TV Junkies: Just as you did with Rookie Blue, you’re joining the cast of a successful show. Was this experience with Saving Hope at all similar?

Peter Mooney: They were very similar in a lot of ways. I guess I’ve developed this pattern where I like to go onto things once they’re already up and running so I can skip the bumpy parts. But it’s been very similar. I had the added benefit on this where the crew on Saving Hope is the same crew that I did my three seasons on Rookie with, so as much as I was coming in to this one as the new guy there was still a lot of familiarity there. Stepping into a world that is already in motion is always an exciting challenge and I’ve been very lucky with both the Rookie Blue and the Saving Hope cast. They were so helpful with that.

TTVJ: Have you worked with anyone else on the cast before?

PM: Not really. Ben Ayres (Zach) did come and do an episode of Rookie but we used to be in studios sort of side by side each other. There was the one season where there was just a wall between us. Actually the wall was the Big Brother Canada set. So that was great and I know everyone and they were all a really welcoming group.

Bell Media
Bell Media

TTVJ: What can you tell us about Dr. Jeremy Bishop?

PM: You are going to see a guy that operates more on gut instincts than on intellect, although he is a very knowledgeable and intelligent doctor. But he’s a little more free and off the cuff than might necessarily be recommended in medical training so you’ll definitely see that. He’s got a good way with people, he’s got a good way with the staff at the hospital. He’s an old friend of Charlie Harris’ (Michael Shanks), but he has his problems from his previous life. There’s a lawsuit that drove him out of LA where he was living for a number of years and there’s some personal things that drove him out of there and back to Hope Zion. That stuff is going to bubble up throughout the season.

TTVJ: Is that lawsuit going to come back and haunt him at all?

PM: No, it’s more just the specter of it all. His nature of going on impulse and going on gut and kind of being in the moment is both a blessing and a curse. I think it’s the thing that makes him a great doctor but it’s also the thing that can get him into a lot of trouble. So that will pop in and out this season.

TTVJ: We know Bishop has history with Charlie, but what about Dawn (Michelle Nolden) since she went to school with Charlie as well?

PM: He knows her well but mostly through Charlie. I think his relationship was primarily with Charlie but in an upcoming episode we will get to see him and Dawn hanging out and doing some surgeries together.

TTVJ: Bishop and Cassie (Kim Shaw) seem to have a bit of a connection during your first episode. Is there a chance that will turn into something more or is there anyone else Bishop could be interested in romantically?

PM: Yes, well she’s dating this guy at the hospital so it’s kind of complicated right off the bat, but I say there’s a chance there. I’d say there’s a pretty good chance there.

TTVJ: It’s Saving Hope so there has to be some sort of complicated romantic relationship right?

PM: Yeah exactly, and without complications it’s just too dull. It’s got to be complicated.

Bell Media
Bell Media

TTVJ: Will Bishop bond or clash with anyone in particular?

PM: Yeah. Now I’m not sure if it’s because of his history with Charlie or what it is, but he and Alex get along particularly well. I think it’s part to do with their style as doctors and how they approach things. They’re both fast thinkers and problem solvers and they connect really well right off the get go. His first day at the hospital is not an easy one so they’re really thrown right into it right from the get go.

TTVJ: What do you think viewers should most be looking forward to seeing in regards to Bishop’s addition to Saving Hope?

PM: I think the biggest thing is just the unexpected. They really have to think quick on their feet, they’re dealing with some really complex problems and I think he sort of has a fresh new way of thinking about things. So I think that will be rewarding week to week. And he’s a fun guy. He likes being a doctor, he likes the adrenaline of it and I think that’ll be fun to watch.

TTVJ: Can you give us any idea how long you’ll be sticking around?

PM: He’ll be there through the end of this season.

TTVJ: Would he be back next season if Saving Hope gets renewed?

PM: I think that this will probably be it for him. There are some things from his past that might crop up. He might be around next season but I have a feeling that this might be the end of his road at Hope Zion. Really who knows about another season but this has really just been perfect timing for me. Since the Rookie news and I knew most of the cast personally from before, so it was a really fun and familiar place to go to.

TTVJ: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Just that these first two episodes that I’m in are really great. It was kind of a big wallop to come in on and I think that the viewers will be very happy with how things sort of get shaken up at the hospital.


Are you as excited as we are to see Peter Mooney on Saving Hope? Who are you most looking forward to seeing him work with? Leave a few words in the comments section below and let us know what you’re thinking.

Saving Hope airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on CTV.