Saving Hope: What Lies Ahead?

SH baby shower

Well if you were expecting a nice, laid back episode of Saving Hope this week you were sadly mistaken the penultimate episode was anything but. Our emotions may have been taken for a ride but the show still managed to put a few smiles on our faces.

We haven’t really seen or heard much of Alex’s mother over the past three seasons and it became evident this week as to why. Alex hadn’t spoken to her mother since her brother died a year ago and she didn’t even know Alex was pregnant. Alex had been avoiding telling her because she knew she would make it all about herself and in turn probably end up making Alex feel bad about it. After watching her patient reunite with her daughters, and seem to accept and listen to all of their issues, Alex decided to call her mom. Now we didn’t get to see the phone call but by the way she was acting afterwards I don’t think it went very well.

I suspect Alex got the reaction she expected from her mother, and it was sad to see her so defeated by it. At the same time, it was amazing how quickly she turned things around. I love how she said, “I just want to have a healthy baby and I want to be a great surgeon and nothing else.” She knows that’s all she can handle at the moment. Anything more would be overwhelming and that’s exactly what she didn’t need. I’m still amazed by how well Alex has handled this entire situation and am very impressed that Saving Hope’s writers have made her as such a strong and independent character. I really hope that this continues after her baby is born and she finds out who the father is.

Maggie and Sydney’s relationship took another step in what I think is the right direction. Sydney’s fiancé Hershel became ill and came in to the hospital for treatment, and in an interesting, Saving Hope twist, Maggie ended up being the one to treat him. After a few different diagnoses Maggie figured out Hershel had a tapeworm. She then managed to remove it through Hershel’s nose in one of the grossest moments ever in Saving Hope’s history. Seriously, gross, gross, gross.

But watching Maggie and Sydney interact was what I found to be most interesting about this case. These two are obviously meant to be together. They are both so sweet and caring with each other and it really does seem like they would be the perfect couple. They are building an amazing friendship which could eventually lead to a really special relationship. It was nice to see Sydney finally tell Hershel that she was gay and that she wouldn’t be able to marry him. This has been a tough situation for her and it’s great that she had someone like Maggie to be as supportive as she was. Both Julia Taylor Ross and Stacey Farber gave exceptional performances. This storyline has really allowed both of their characters to grow and it’s great to see them rise to the occasion and give us such great performances.

Sydney SH

I feel like over the past year, really since the break-up with Alex, Charlie has lost his fight and drive for life. There have been small moments where we saw it return, but overall Charlie has just been hanging out in the background not really wanting to get involved in anything. While I like that he is letting Alex figure things out with her pregnancy by herself, I’m surprised that he hasn’t been more insistent about his feelings for her. I really did expect him to step up and fight to get back in to her life. In watching his interactions with the ghost this week I think he is finally starting to realize that it is time for him to make a move. When the ghost said “you have to chose who you are going to fight for and then fight hard till they are dragging you away,” it was exactly what Charlie needed to hear. If he wants a life with Alex and this baby he needs to get in there and fight for her. I think he has given her time to figure things out on her own and now is the time for him to step up and tell her how he is feeling. If he waits any longer Joel is going to beat him to the punch and he is going to miss his opportunity.

Joel’s behaviours continue to be a bit of a mystery to me. Last week we saw Joel buying an engagement ring for Alex and this week he was carrying that ring around in his pocket all day, apparently waiting for the perfect moment to ask Alex to marry him. How on earth does Joel think that this could possibly be a good idea? Yes, I get that Joel loves Alex and that he has finally decided he is ready to settle down, get married and have a family with her. But does he have any idea how Alex is feeling right now? Have they talked about their feelings for each other at all since they broke up? I don’t think they have. Joel was seconds away from proposing to Alex in that last scene, he even got down on one knee, thank God Alex spoke up and snapped some sense into him. Now is NOT the time to be proposing to Alex. What with her boards, and her pregnancy, and everything with her mother, Alex has more that enough on her plate. The last thing she needs to deal with is an out of nowhere proposal from Joel. I can’t even imagine what her reaction would have been.

More “Hope”

  • How awesome were those vagina cupcakes and all the vagina decorations at the baby shower? Only Maggie and Sydney could come up with something like that and they really could not have been any more perfect or hilarious.
  • I loved Shahir’s reaction to Joel kissing him on the cheek. It was a combination of shock and happiness and you could tell he liked that kiss a lot more than he should have. But really, who wouldn’t love a kiss from Joel? I sure wouldn’t turn one down!
  • How did Hershel not pick up on Sydney’s obvious love for Maggie? He knew everything about Maggie, even her little nuances that Sydney loved so much. You’d think he would have at least been a tiny bit suspicious.
  • Could Dawn have given Alex a more perfect gift? She knew exactly what Alex needed the most. And those kind words, telling Alex that she was going to be great, could not have come at a better time.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you loving Maggie and Sydney together as much as we are? Do you think Charlie is finally going to start fighting for Alex? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

The Saving Hope season finale airs Wednesday, February 18th at 10 p.m. ET on CTV.