Saving Hope leaves questions


By Christy Spratlin

Saving Hope wrapped up its winter run with an exceptional episode last night. I went in to the episode expecting a few answers to what’s been going on but instead came out with a whole bunch of new questions. Out of all of the relationships that Saving Hope has given us over the past two and a half seasons Alex and Joel’s has been my favourite. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Alex and Charlie together during Seasons 1 and 2, and was completely heartbroken when Charlie ended things, but the relationship between Joel and Alex has brought a whole new level of heat and excitement to the show.

After what we thought was an apparent end to the Jalex relationship, and discovering that Alex was pregnant (it’s Joel’s baby right? It has to be), the show went in an entirely different direction by showcasing the couple in two completely separate story lines. Joel, in an attempt to avoid any and all confrontation with Alex, decided to spend the day working at Selena’s clinic. Well mission accomplished because not only did he succeed in avoiding Alex all day, but then he went and slept with Selena. Seriously Joel? Are you really THAT guy? While we have seen that Selena and Joel definitely have some chemistry between them, I never thought Joel would take it that far.

I’m confused by Joel’s actions of late. He obviously cares about Alex but as soon as things start to get a little more serious he goes and screws things up. Does he get bored like Alex has suggested? Is he afraid of commitment? Or is he just a player? I really hope we get some explanation behind his troubling behavior in the new year. Is there maybe something from his past that explains everything? I guess for now we just will have to wait and see.


But I haven’t even gotten to the biggest surprise of the night. As Joel was leaving the clinic, he was attacked by Selena’s abusive husband, the one no one knew existed, and ended up accidentally killing him in an attempt to fight him off. While the death may have been an accident, Joel didn’t do himself any favours by leaving the scene of the crime, making himself look very suspicious to the police. He seemed so suspicious that by the end of the episode we saw him being led away in handcuffs. As far as I could tell they were just taking him in for questioning but since when do people end up in handcuffs if they aren’t being arrested?

Meanwhile Alex, Dana and Maggie attended a presentation by Dr. McLeod, a neurosurgeon, about the near death experience he had while in surgery. As she listened to the lecture, Alex had a flashback to her own surgery, remembering a small moment of her own near death experience. We’ve seen her have these small flashes of memories before but this was the first time she really understood what she was remembering.

As much as I like Alex and Joel together I’ve never been convinced that they are the show’s endgame. It has been mentioned that Alex “left something behind” when she came out of her coma and I have always assumed that was her feelings for Charlie. I suspect that these returning memories will bring back her feelings for Charlie.

I’m looking forward to seeing it all play out, especially once Alex’s pregnancy comes to light. Now that Charlie knows Alex is starting to remember things I’m curious if he is going to push her to try and remember more or if he will let her figure things out on her own? Will Alex want to know more and seek out Dr. McLeod to help her remember? Unfortunately for viewers the answers to these questions will have to wait until the New Year.

More Hope:

  • What’s going on with Dana’s daughter? Stealing narcotics from the hospital seems like odd behaviour for someone heading into university with a full scholarship. Could it be normal teenage rebellion? Maybe she has an addiction problem?
  • While the case of the week was interesting, I could think of a few less painful ways to get into heaven than drilling a hole into my brain.
  • Where was Dawn? You’d think the head of the hospital would have been involved somehow in everything that happened last night.
  • How could they have gone the entire episode without mentioning Alex’s pregnancy? You’d think it could have come up at least once?
  • “Adult diapers were made for days like this young Jedi.”
  • “I feel like I’m caught between two worlds and she not in either of them.”(Does this sound familiar Charlie?)
  • “I’ll see you at the top of the mountain Charlie.”
  • “One punch.” That’s all it took to change your life forever, Joel.

What did you think of the episode? Did you come out of it with as many questions as I did? Add your thoughts in the comments below.

Saving Hope airs on CTV.