Saving Hope finale: major game changer in store

SH - at the boards

We’ve all had it happen. You get stuck late at work or school or something comes up and you’re forced to miss your favourite show. Then, when you finally get a few spare minutes, you mistakingly scroll through social media or check your texts and emails only to be accidentally spoiled by that well meaning, but way-too-excited friend. In most cases, seeing a minor spoiler probably isn’t going to ruin the episode for you. But in the case of this week’s Saving Hope’s season finale, we promise you that it will!

Consider this your official warning: watch this finale live. And if for some reason you can’t then stay far, far away from any and all forms of social media. Believe us when we say, straight up, this episode is a game changer.

Now we’ve been sworn to secrecy about pretty much everything that goes down in the finale but here is what we can tell you.

1. Alex, Maggie and Rian write their surgical board exam

All those years spent studying, paper writing and working as a resident was all to prepare our docs for this day. If they pass the test they will officially become surgeons and be allowed to practice on their own. Essentially, it’s the biggest day of their careers. If they fail, they will be forced to continue working as residents until they can take the test again.

2. Joel and Charlie face off again

Because pining after the same woman isn’t enough of a problem between two men, the finale pits Joel and Charlie against one another yet again when Zach presents them both with the opportunity to go on a little field trip. The winner of this little competition gets to head off to an army base where a man has been injured, while the loser gets to stay back and help cover the hospital rounds.

3. There’s a horse in the hospital.

Yee-haw! You read that right. This week the spirit that presenting itself to Charlie is a horse. Talking to ghosts is hard enough, but imagine trying to figure out why there is a ghost horse in the hospital. Is he supposed to feed it ghostly carrots and apples? We’re not entirely sure … yet.

4. The hour of labour

Once labour starts there isn’t really any thing you can do to stop it. Unfortunately for Alex her labour will of course come at the worst time possible. And here we thought babies waited for that perfect moment to pop out. Don’t worry though, the entire situation leads to one of our favourite Erica Durance moments to date.

For the answer to these and all your other questions we’re afraid you’re going to have to tune in on Wednesday night. You are not going to want to miss it.

Will the residents pass their boards? What the heck is a horse doing in the hospital as the ghost of the week? Give us your predictions in the comments below.

Saving Hope‘s season finale airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on CTV.