Saving Hope’s Erica Durance Previews What’s To Come In The Final Season

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After over a year long hiatus, Saving Hope is finally back for its fifth and final season this Sunday, March 12 at 10 p.m. on CTV. Although we here at The TV Junkies are sad to see it end, we could not be more excited to have the doctors of Hope Zion back in our lives. This season promises to hit the ground running and is guaranteed to keep us on the edge of our seat, or reaching for our Kleenexes in every single episode.

Throughout its four seasons, Alex (Erica Durance) and Charlie’s (Michael Shanks) relationship has been the foundation that has held this quirky medical drama together. But they have had more than their share of complications, with the latest being a vengeful Tom Crenshaw (Rookie Blue‘s Travis Milne) pointing a gun and firing a shot at them in the Season 4 finale. This season looks to be throwing even more drama their way and is sure to keep the audience guessing.

Prior to Season 5, The TV Junkies had the opportunity to chat exclusively with Durance. She discussed her feelings about the show coming to an end, Alex and Charlie’s complicated relationship, and what to expect for all of our favorite Hope Zion characters in this final season.


The TV Junkies: I have to say that I’m a little sad that Saving Hope is coming to an end. We’ve really enjoyed covering it over the past seasons and are going to miss it once it’s gone.

Erica Durance: Yeah, and you guys are going to love Season 5. We told the story that we wanted to tell and left it on a really high note. It’s tempting for us as well to keep it going. We’re doing something that we love, you’re working with people that you really enjoy and you would just love to stay forever. But you need to go when the story’s done, and it’s on a high note and people still want to watch it. So we just all got together and had a discussion before this last season and went, ‘Yeah, it’s time, we’ve run out of road.’ But what you’re going to get this season is fast paced and we hit the ground running. You get a beautiful tie up of all of the characters. So each episode is really interesting and fun.

TTVJ: The writers seem to be having a little more fun with things this season too. Are we going to see a little more comedy than in previous seasons?

ED: I think so. It’s kind of surprising from different characters that you don’t expect. We bring in some known faces as well, Missy Peregrym is coming in from Rookie Blue and Ben Bass is coming in. I get a couple of really great episodes with them. With Missy and her style and what she brings to it, we had a great time her and I. We’ve known each other forever so those episodes are really great. The same can be said for a lot of the other actors that are in it as well. Because it’s our last season, we really get to delve into all their lives and their stories and everybody is getting their moment.

The TV Junkies: Alex and Charlie are at a pretty rough spot. They’ve been on and off for many of the seasons, but this one feels different. What can viewers expect to see between these two as we get more into the season?

ED: Well expect the unexpected, that’s what they should expect. It was surprising to me as well, and I think the writers did such a nice job of finishing their journey and keeping people interested in what’s going on with them. And they did it in a really authentic way that’s not just a gimmick, but something that makes sense for them as characters trying to figure out how to work with all the pieces, and this thing that Charlie has and this other world that he brings in to their life all the time.

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TTVJ: It doesn’t seem like Charlie will ever stop fighting for Alex, but Alex may feel differently. How will they deal with that?

ED: I think what Alex is trying to figure out is that she’s trying to come in to her own. She’s had a huge journey in the 5 years where she’s grown and developed into the woman that she is, and she’s become grounded, and not just there whether Charlie is OK or not OK. Now things have come to a point which is a deeper question for her, where she is going to explore the spiritual side of the other side, whatever you want to call it. She’s finally facing some truths in her own life. Can we change our own destiny or is our fate written in the stars for us? Do we give up or do we keep hoping for the best and keep fighting for those things that we believe are ours in life? So she’s kind of contemplating some deeper issues. But like I said, it’s really great how the writers have woven her story together with Charlie’s in the most beautiful way.

TTVJ: One of the great things about Saving Hope is its ability to use its large cast so well. In the first few episodes we’re seeing some fairly major storylines opening up for many of them. There’s the cancer study for Alex and Maggie (Julia Taylor Ross), Dana (Wendy Crewson) contemplating her specialty and some new characters coming into the mix. Are those storylines going to play a big part this season?

ED: Yes, and I think that’s part of what’s going to be great for the audience this season. Each fan has fallen in love with one of the doctors in a different way, right? So the people that love Dawn (Michelle Nolden) are going to watch the Dawn and Zach (Benjamin Ayres) storyline and love the twists and turns that they take, and watch them fall in or out of love. And Dawn has to deal with a lot of stuff this season. She has a doctor that comes in and tries to shake her up a little bit, and does she lose her job? So they’ve done a really nice job at picking each character and having them relatable and having them represent hope in the human spirit in their own way. Our show is about hope. It’s about the goodness in human beings. Not all the negative stuff which is so easy to focus on.

So thematically they’ve taken each character and said what is their truth? How do they remain hopeful? And you watch that play out for 18 episodes. I have to thank all of my castmates for doing such a wonderful job in creating these characters that are relatable and well rounded and kind of wonderful.

TTVJ: Maggie has always been one of our favorites, but she’s had as rough time throughout the last four seasons. Are we going to finally see some happiness for her or is she going to continue to struggle all season?

ED: Well, she will have a happiness of sorts. But again what I like about it is that it’s authentic the way that they tell the story of each character. And the kind of intelligence that Julia brings Maggie allows for the quirkiness and all of those things. But she just has this beautiful intelligence to her. And it’s the same with Michelle and the character that she creates for Dawn. These women are well rounded and three dimensional. I’m just so proud of everybody and very sentimental about it all.

TTVJ: Is the plan to kind of wrap up everyone’s storylines by the end of the season? Or are there going to be a few things left unanswered or hanging in the balance?

ED: Some things hang in the balance for some characters, but not others and I think that that’s the story again. It’s a story about real life. Things turn out for some people in a way that they dream of, and some people have to change their dreams and learn to have something different.


Are you looking forward to this new season of Saving Hope? Are you sad that it’s their final season? Which characters are you most looking forward to seeing again? Drop a few thoughts in the comments section below.

Saving Hope returns for it’s fifth and final season on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on CTV.