Saving Hope showrunner Adam Pettle discusses the decision to end the series

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It will be the end of an era for another Canadian television show on Tuesday as Saving Hope wraps production on its final season. After 85 episodes the doctors at Hope Zion will say goodbye with Season 5, slated to premiere on CTV in Winter 2017. The medical drama, which stars Erica Durance and Michael Shanks, averaged 1.3 million viewers in Season 4.

If you’ve followed us here at The TV Junkies then you know we’re pretty big fans of Saving Hope so just like many viewers, we were curious about why the show was ending. Thankfully showrunner Adam Pettle was nice enough to take time out from wrapping up production and saying goodbye to answer a few questions about why now was the right time to end the series. If you’ll recall, Season 4 ended with a vengeful Tom Crenshaw (Rookie Blue‘s Travis Milne) pointing a gun and firing a shot at Alex (Durance) and Charlie (Michael Shanks). Pettle won’t give away the answer to that cliffhanger, but he did also give us a glimpse at what we can expect during the show’s final season.

The TV Junkies: Ratings weren’t really a problem for Saving Hope so despite that, why is now a good time to end things?

Adam Pettle: We wanted to end the series on a creative high note, and we felt that the story had run its course. We had a definite endgame in mind, and we felt the fans deserved to see the story close with a period, rather than an ellipsis. The ratings remained high throughout our entire run on CTV thanks to the incredible work and hustle of executive producer Ilana Frank and Co. And the support of our incredible audience. We believe that Season 5 and the series finale will not disappoint our loyal ‘Hopefuls.’ If we’re wrong, well at least we won’t be around to field the letters…!

TTVJ: Do you think in five seasons that you’ve been able to fully explore the stories you wanted to tell or the stories [co-creator] Morwyn Brebner and Co. wanted to tell from the onset?

AP: I think that our 85 episode run has given us enough track to tell the story we set out to tell. Morwyn Brebner always said that Saving Hope couldn’t be too romantic. The Alex and Charlie love story has definitely formed the spine of all five seasons of the show. Personally, I have fallen head over heels for these characters over the past five years–thanks to the best acting company and writing room in the country–and yes I’m biased. We’ve put them through the ringer, and watched them wrestle with life and death situations with humor, grace, and heroism. I will miss them dearly. But, and I’m going to go all Knute Rockne here for a second–I don’t feel like we left anything on the field.

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TTVJ: What was the cast’s reaction when you told them this would be the final season?

AP: The cast–especially Erica and Michael–played a part in the decision to end after five seasons. We had many creative talks about where the story should and could go and how much fuel we had left in the tank, and came to the creative decision that it was time for a conclusion. That being said, it wasn’t an easy decision nor is it an unemotional one. We wrap production today and there have been more than a few tears shed not only after “action” has been called. But after “cut” too…this is an extraordinary cast and crew. After five years of working so closely together we have become as codependent and dysfunctional as any family. The thought of not coming to work and seeing each other every day is hard. Endings are hard.

TTVJ: What can you can you share about the upcoming season?

AP: Season 5 picks up right where we left off in the (hopefully) dramatic cliffhanger of the Season 4 finale and launches with gusto into 18 brand new episodes that we hope audiences will agree are among our strongest yet. What happens? A whole lot of life saving, some joke telling, and also there will be some kissing. Season 5 is very much driven by our heroine Dr. Alex Reid, and takes her on a professional and personal journey, unparalleled in scope in the show so far. Full of peril, heartbreak, and of course… hope.


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Saving Hope Season 5 will premiere in Winter 2017 on CTV.  Seasons 1-4 of Saving Hope streaming now on CraveTV™. Season 4 episodes are also currently airing Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.