Ryan Hansen Goes Back to College in Resident Advisors


Veronica Mars alum Ryan Hansen is no stranger when it comes to “hormonally-overloaded” and “out-of-control” web series. Having starred in several seasons of Burning Love and Play It Again Dick, Hansen is now bringing the laughs as part of Hulu’s original series Resident Advisors, which will follow a group of college dorm resident advisors navigating sex, drugs and midterms. The comedy is backed by some big names, including executive producer Elizabeth Banks and showrunner Ira Ungerleider (Friends), and co-stars Jamie Chung (The Hangover Part III, Once Upon a Time).

Hansen plays a 30 year old Resident Advisor seemingly unwilling to grow up, who also happens to have a fun moniker. “I read that the character’s name was Doug Weiner and I’m like ‘I don’t even have to read it. I’m in!’” Hansen teases to The TV Junkies. Having played Dick Casablancas for years on Veronica Mars and now Doug Weiner, we here at The TV Junkies certainly started to notice a pattern, one the actor jokingly confirmed. “I try to go for the most phallic character names as possible,” he says.

But names aside, what’s a 30 year old guy still doing as an undergraduate RA? “He is so passionate for these students that he will do anything to stay in school, try and mentor and lead these kids on the right path. He really is a big lovable teddy bear that just happens to get super drunk with these kids and party. He is kind of an idiot,” admits Hansen. However, there may be more to Doug than the party guy exteriour. Hansen tells us that, “I think his heart is bigger than the goofy persona he puts on. I think throughout the series you get to see that. He grows up, even though he’s already a grownup.”

The chance to work alongside Chung, who is making her first foray into comedy, was also a big draw for Hansen to Resident Advisors. “We had been friendly but never worked together before. I’m such a fan of hers and I love her so much. She’s beautiful and talented and she kicks ass. She wanted to do a comedy, because she had never done one before, but she’s so good and natural. It was very easy for her,” he tells us. Chung plays Olivia, the leader of the RAs, and while initially she and Hansen’s Doug appear to not get along, that’s something that could change as the season progresses. “It’s really a love/hate relationship throughout the series. You see them have a thing for each other,” Hansen says.

Besides this Hulu series, fans of Hansen can also check the Veronica Mars alum out on old boss Rob Thomas’ new show iZombie. He appears in Episode 5 of the CW drama on Tuesday, April 14 entitled “Live Until You Die.” “I’ve been loving the show. I play Carson McCone and I’m a pro snowboarder,” Hansen tells us about his appearance.

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Resident Advisors is available on Hulu on Thursday, April 9.