Rookie Blue’s Matt Gordon on Oliver’s Very Bad Day


We knew it couldn’t be possibly true. Oliver Shaw as the man behind all the corruption and bombings at 15 Division? Never!

While we will admit that Rookie Blue had us going for a period during this week’s episode, we knew deep in our hearts that there was no way Oliver Shaw would betray everyone in such a horrible way. While we now know who was really behind the purchase of the explosive materials, we can’t help but worry about the fact that Oliver laid down his badge and walked out before he could be charged.

How will the truth come out? What will Oliver do next? We were lucky enough to quickly catch up with Papa Shaw himself, actor Matthew Gordon, to get his thoughts on the annual “Oliver Shaw has a horrible, no good, very bad day” episode. Read on for his reaction to the story as well as where he sees Oliver going from here.

The TV Junkies: Were you as surprised as we were when you heard that Oliver’s name was the one being implicated in the bombing?

Matt Gordon: Yes! I was completely surprised and completely excited!

TTVJ: Was there any point you thought it might be true? Sam started pointing out all the evidence against Oliver and makes you think there could be a chance he did it.

MG: When we were going into the season they were sort of setting it up. We don’t know the scripts before they are done, we don’t read them basically until the read through, so as the season is progressing and it’s me talking to Sam about taking that deal, everything costs. You know that no one is going to do something for you for nothing. Also we played out some of that stuff last season with the commissioner where I was taken aback with him and why is he showing up at my house?

It’s funny as you go through with the read throughs and episode to episode when you have a secondary story that goes through a season or season and a half. You’re playing catch up at exactly the same time as the audience. So as it plays out it’s exciting to read and exciting to do. You do your episode and shoot it for 7-8 days and you don’t know what is going to happen next? ‘Is Oliver Shaw actually the guy?’ You don’t know, even as the actor you’re left wondering and that’s so cool.

TTVJ: Oliver had that great speech about “missing solos but saving the world,” which showed everything he’s given up for his job and how absurd these allegations really were. In that way, was it easy for him to just lay down the badge and walk away to go play in Izzy’s band?

MG: I don’t think it was a surprise or happenstance that Izzy was there. I think the writers gave him that other part of his life. It gave him the weight and reality of his family. I love Oliver and Oliver loves his job. Things could be going crazy at home, his marriage is falling apart but the thing that is standard and that he holds on to is his job. He loves helping people and he loves his rookies–who aren’t really rookies anymore.

His best friend in the world is Sam and so it was perfect that it’s Missy [Peregrym] and Ben [Bass] in that room laying down what they found out. With love saying to Oliver, ‘It’s you. You’re going to get implicated and you’re going to get charged for the bombing.’ I think it was one of those things that was super hard for Oliver to do, but given how much he loves his job and how much he’s given of himself to that job that when all comes for naught–there’s Izzy. He’s had so much trouble with Izzy but she’s there. They are in a good place together that he can be like ‘forget this job. I’m going to be with my kid.’


TTVJ: So where does he go from here when he no longer has that work element?

MG: Probably he’ll playing bass for Izzy’s band. We’ll be headlining big festivals. [laughs]

TTVJ: Sam also asked Oliver to be his best man in this episode. What can you tell us about any wedding planning we may see?

MG: I can’t remember. Is the wedding going to happen? Could a wedding actually happen on Rookie Blue? Could that possibly happen or is Missy going to be abducted by aliens? That could happen.

TTVJ: If you guys get Season 7 what do you hope will happen for Oliver? Anything you wish they would explore?

MG: This is going to sound ridiculous and like I’m a 10 year old kid, but Oliver has never ever shot his gun. I think I’ve only pulled the trigger two times. He’s always running the show and now he’s Staff Sergeant but who knows, maybe he can run out and save the day somehow–not in an emotional way, in a physical, very action-y way. I don’t think it’ll ever happen but you never know.

TTVJ: Oliver can lead a raid!

MG: Yes! He leads a raid that goes very badly.


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