Rookie Blue’s Adam Macdonald on Sibling Rivalries & Relationships


The brother/sister love is not so strong amongst the Pecks on Rookie Blue after Wednesday night’s episode, “Home Run,” which saw Gail (Charlotte Sullivan) step into older brother Steve’s (Adam Macdonald) investigation. Gail realized that Steve was arresting the wrong man for the drive by shooting, something that would normally be a good thing, but in the process she ruined Steve’s chances at arresting a long time enemy and neighborhood gang leader. How will this affect their relationship going forward remains to be seen, but it’s a shame given the nice sibling moments seen earlier in the episode when Steve helped Gail out with her adoption case worker.

Regardless of how they move forward, we here at The TV Junkies are just glad that Season 6 has brought many of these Peck sibling moments to our screen. It’s something Macdonald himself agrees with, telling us that, “after read throughs it was a big joke, ‘Hey maybe one day you’ll have a scene with your sister.’ We’d laugh about it because I had nothing with her. We didn’t even say ‘Hi’ in the hallways.” Macdonald thinks it was all a part of the Rookie Blue writers’ plan and that “they were saving it which was great.”

For the Canadian actor one benefit of these sibling moments was finally getting to work more with Sullivan. “It’s great because Charlotte is so easy to work with and I’m not just saying that. I’ve been on a lot of shows–I did a show called Wild Roses on CBC and Rookie Blue–those are the two that are easily the most fun I’ve had with people to work with. Charlotte is no exception,” he tells us.


Playing that brother and sister dynamic also presented a fun, new challenge for Macdonald. “There’s a completely different history, a completely different environment working with your sister so you play it a little differently. There’s a whole history between you two which is amazing for an actor to play,” explains Macdonald. Ultimately, everyone can agree that these moments have been long overdue. “It’s refreshing too because like some of the fans of the show, we said, ‘It’s about time we had a scene.’ It was very refreshing and very satisfying. It gave us a great episode,” he says.

But what about the other woman in Steve Peck’s life, girlfriend Traci Nash (Enuka Okuma)? After her kidnapping the couple seemed to be in a very good place and Macdonald thinks there are several reasons why the pair are so well-suited for each other. “I think she humbles him a little bit. It’s almost like the Lannisters in Game of Thrones where the Pecks are above everybody in a certain way, but when he comes across someone like Traci his love for her puts him in his place,” he explains.

The fact that Traci can laugh at Steve’s jokes is also a big factor. According to Macdonald, “the fact that she gets his humour, I don’t think a lot of people do. She actually laughs at his jokes. I’ve noticed that no one does in the episodes. Like I tried to give a joke to Andy and said ‘What is she lounging in the bathroom?’ and no one laughed, right? Whereas Traci does laugh and there’s that connection there.” Well there’s that and “also who knows, they may have a very healthy sex life. I have no idea,” he jokes.


While Traci may “soften him a little bit,” says Macdonald, what is she getting out of the relationship? “For her, it’s like he’s the opposite of someone she’d go after, but then she talks to him, gets to know him, it’s like, ‘Whoa! This is not what I expected!’ She’s more intrigued than anything,” Macdonald explains. “And working with Enuka? Such a pain in the ass! No, I’m kidding! She’s a dream to work with because she’s so unpretentious,” he says. “She’s always striving to get better as a person or as an actress. Working with her is so much fun to find those things and she just comes in, she’s not above the work. She just does it and that’s the way I feel too so we get along so well,” Macdonald tells us.

So while things with sister Gail may not be in the best place, at least Steve can look to his relationship with Detective Nash. Will they move forward in their relationship? Can Steve forgive Gail and move past what he sees as a betrayal? Only time will tell so be sure to tune into Rookie Blue in coming weeks to find out.

Rookie Blue airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Global and Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.