Rookie Blue Season 6: Boss Previews What’s Ahead

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When Rookie Blue Season 6 returns we already know that much of the incoming drama will be focused on Sam Swarek (Ben Bass) and Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym). How could it now, what with them dealing with the fallout of an unexpected pregnancy? But when we return, the stakes will be raised for many other characters as well; #McSwarek won’t be the only ones dealing with their fair share of drama when the show returns May 21 on Global and June 25 on ABC.

For a more complete look at what’s in store for the rest of the officers that make up our beloved 15 Division, The TV Junkies turned to current showrunner Tassie Cameron. Cameron spoke with us about an overarching mystery that will affect several members of the division, and gave us a quick preview on what Gail (Charlotte Sullivan), Oliver (Matt Gordon), Dov (Gregory Smith) and the rest of the gang at 15 will be up to in Rookie Blue Season 6.

The TV Junkies: The tagline for the season is “nothing will ever be the same” and admittedly, it has us a little worried. Does that refer only to the McSwarek and Marlo (Rachael Ancheril) situation or does it carry on through to everyone else?

Tassie Cameron: I think that tagline is as much about the procedural long arc of Season 6 as it is about anything else. Because we were lucky enough to shoot Seasons 5 and 6 together as 22 episodes, it gave us a chance to dig into a slightly more serialized crime spree that really began with the finale of Season 5, that Ted McDonald (Shawn Doyle) bomb plot, you have not seen the end of that story. That’s part of it, that 15 Division is starting to realize that something is going on within their own force, with their own people. I think that’s what they are talking about.

TTVJ: As a single woman with a dangerous job, it seems like Gail has an uphill battle in front of her in quest to adopt Sophie. Can you talk a little about that and what she’ll have to go through with the adoption process this season?

TC: Gail has never been the most maternal or nurturing character. She’s going to have to get over her own prickly defensiveness in this process. As anyone knows who’s gone through it, it’s a very, very intrusive and emotional and personal process. She’s a single woman and she’s a cop and it’s going to be a real challenge for her. We thought it was interesting, a different side of Gail we hadn’t explored. I hope it’s an interesting story for people.

TTVJ: We’re really interested in seeing how that plays out for her but we don’t want Gail to lose all of her bite.

TC: No, neither do we. Gail Peck’s bite is one of my favourite things on the whole show. We don’t want her to lose it either.

We were really intrigued because there was a story in the New York Times about a police officer who adopted a little kid who was a victim of violent crime. You see this all the time, these first responders really, really attaching to people that they’ve come upon in these horrific scenarios and we just thought it was something that we want to explore.

TTVJ: People are very attached to Gail’s relationship with Holly (Aliyah O’Brien) and I know you’ve spoken about the logistical problems you guys have in getting Aliyah to Toronto. Knowing that, is there still hope for Gail and Holly in Season 6, despite Holly saying she was moving to San Francisco?

TC: Gail’s love life is not completely put on ice, let’s put it that way.


TTVJ: In the Season 6 poster released by Global, people have noticed that it looks like Gail is wearing a wedding ring. Was that a mistake?

TC: Oh really? That’s probably a mistake. That’s probably Charlotte’s own wedding ring, I don’t know. [Ed note: Sullivan is married to Canadian actor Peter Stebbings.]

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TTVJ: With each new Rookie Blue season we always get some new characters and one of the main new ones this season is Erin Karpluk’s Juliette, whom we met at the end of Season 5. What’s her story and are there any other new characters we should watch out for?

TC: She’s the main addition in Season 6 and she walks into the premiere and bowls Nick over and takes him off guard, this woman who basically ditched him. She has a very, very mysterious agenda in Season 6. What that character is up to is I hope kind of an intriguing, mysterious arc.

TTVJ: So she’s part of the overarching mystery you were alluding to earlier?

TC: Yep, yep.

TTVJ: Is there any hope for Dov and Chloe (Priscilla Faia)? Will we see them date anyone else while they are apart?

TC: Dov and Chloe are pretty great together don’t you think?

TTVJ: Chloe is fantastic in the premiere by the way. She’s just hilarious.

TC: Priscilla is amazing. Watching her with Dov, they are so fun together. Her big personality with his straight-man quality is one of my favourite dynamics on the show. So keep watching.

TTVJ: Dov’s other main relationship on the show is his bromance with Chris (Travis Milne). Will that rebound? What’s in store for Chris in Season 6?

TC: Well Chris in the premiere, you see him at an AA meeting and then you realize that he’s sleeping with somebody. You haven’t seen the last of that married woman.

TTVJ: So he’s out of rehab?

TC: He’s out of rehab and we feel like we’ve really dealt fairly deep into that storyline last season and he’s safely sober now. But his risk-taking behaviour is erupting in another way. I hope it’s an interesting dynamic with Chris and it’s always great with Chris and Dov because Chris is always making hopeless mistakes and Dov’s having to help pick up the pieces.

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TTVJ: Traci (Enuka Okuma) and Steve Peck (Adam MacDonald) were on the outs at the end of Season 5 and it seemed like Traci may have a new suitor in Bailey (Jim Codringly), the bomb tech guy. Will he stick around and does that mean Steve Peck is out of the running?

TC: Traci has a really interesting journey in Season 6, in a bunch of different ways that you’ll see as the season unfolds. Steve Peck is a pretty persistent fellow and he’s been a great character. I think he’s going to have to work pretty hard to regain her trust 100 per cent but he’s going to do his damndest.

TTVJ: Oliver seems to have settled into the Staff Sergeant role for now, he’s got all his rookies headed down a good path and he’s happy at home with Celery (Emily Hampshire). What lies ahead for him in Season 6 and do you guys get any sort of finder’s fee for Emily now that she’s on Schitt’s Creek and 12 Monkeys?

TC: Isn’t she wonderful? I wish we could have used her more. She’s such a remarkable actor, but we have so many characters that we’re juggling. Unless the new characters are connected to the division professionally it becomes really hard to use them.

Oliver has been reluctantly assuming this role of power. It was interesting working with Matt Gordon on this because he finally latched onto the idea that he’s a rookie Staff Sergeant and making mistakes and struggling his way through himself. That’s how he’s been playing it and I think it’s really worked. This long procedural arc is very, very intense for Oliver.

TTVJ: Will we see the return of any old faces? I know Noelle (Melanie Nicholls-King) is returning but will we see Frank (Lyriq Bent) or Luke (Eric Johnson) or anyone else?

TC: Eric’s pretty busy (starring in The Knick), Lyriq is pretty busy too. Luke and Frank do not return in Season 6. Noelle does for a couple of episodes. You’ll see a little hit of Tommy McNally (Peter MacNeill) and a little hit of Sam’s dad (Nicholas Campbell) comes back. I think that’s it.


What are you most excited for in Season 6 of Rookie Blue? Does this procedural arc make you nervous? Add your thoughts and predictions for Season 6 in the comments below. For everything we hope to see come Season 6 make sure to check out our wish list.

Rookie Blue premieres Thursday, May 21 at 9 p.m. ET on Global and Thursday, June 25 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.