Rookie Blue Preview: What is Nick Hiding?


After last week’s intense episode of Rookie Blue it would be totally natural for the show to take a step back and let everyone have a bit of a breather. Fortunately for fans, Rookie Blue doesn’t always go “by the book,” as this week’s episode delves into Nick’s past. There, we learn a lot more about Officer Collins as he investigates the drunk driver responsible for killing his parents 18 years ago.

What will he find out? Juliet starts to become suspicious of him, but is her worry for good reason? As always, we have a few hints that we can dole out about this week’s episode, “Letting Go,” which was written by Tassie Cameron and Katrina Saville. Check them out below if you’re having a hard time waiting until Thursday night for another helping of the officers from 15 Division.

Nick’s got a secret

Remember last week when Andy, Juliet and even us here at The TV Junkies were wondering if Nick Collins truly was the perfect man? Well it turns out there may be one not so good thing–he’s good at keeping secrets and he’s got one heck of secret this week. What’s he hiding and will Juliet force the truth out of him?


Oliver faces a dilemma

Oliver’s daughter Isabelle has certainly been responsible for some of the hair missing up on Papa Shaw’s head, what with the trouble we’ve seen her get into in the past. This week she’s at it again when she’s picked up at a house party. Someone will offer to help Oliver with his daughter’s situation but he’s not so sure that may be the best thing to do. What will Oliver decide?

Dov contemplates the future

We all know Dov and Marlo have been quite the team this season while they are investigating the Ted MacDonald bombing, so it’s only natural for him to wonder about where his career is headed, right? Does he want to continue the type of work he’s doing with Marlo or return to the streets? His best friend Chris Diaz is pretty pumped to have Dov back out on the streets with him this week, but is that really what Officer Epstein envisions for himself?


Gail works on her bucket list

Remember that advice Gail got last week about making a bucket list of things she’d like to do before she adopts? Well she’s taking that to heart this week and gets started with her list. Andy and Traci have some pretty funny suggestions for her but we have to say it was a little surprising to find out some of the items that actually make it on Officer Peck’s list. What does she put on there and will this really help to prove that she’s ready to take the plunge and adopt? Turns out in the end she gets help from an unlikely ally in checking an item off the list.

Chris Diaz = Comedy Gold

It’s no secret we are big fans of Travis Milne here at The TV Junkies and we couldn’t be happier that Diaz is back to his old ways this season–you know being a total goof and having the enthusiasm of a small child. When he hears that the case of the week involves a MMA fighter that he’s a fan of, well you can just imagine how excited that makes Officer Diaz. Travis Milne never stop bringing the laughs. We love them so.


Fun Guest Stars

There are some great guest stars on this week’s episode including Ben Bass’ real-life wife, Laura Carswell. Carswell plays Tara, a woman who met this week’s suspect through an online prison dating website. Leave it to Chloe to identify the most with Tara. Have we mentioned how much we love Priscilla Faia? Fans of Remedy will also recognize Tony Nappa, who played Dr. Sam Guerra on the now cancelled medical drama.

Are you excited for another week of Rookie Blue? Sound off with your predictions in the comments below.

Rookie Blue airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Global and will premiere in the U.S. on ABC on June 25th.

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