Rookie Blue Preview: Moving On


If you’re still recovering from last week’s episode of Rookie Blue, and the takedown of Steve Peck (Adam Macdonald), well you’re not alone. Everyone at 15 Division is working to move on from the truth about the corruption scandal in this week’s “Ninety Degrees,” written by Tassie Cameron and Bradley Simpson and directed by TW Peacocke. During this same time a heat wave strikes the city and we see Oliver return to work as a street cop. Elsewhere, Andy is forced to help Marlo track down a woman who went missing after their group therapy session.

How will things work out between these two important women in Sam’s life? Can they successfully work together? Also how is Gail, Traci and the rest of the gang moving on now that the truth has been exposed? As always we’re not going to give anything away but do have a few hints to offer up. Check those out below!

Traci deals with the fallout

When Traci left Steve last week saying that she was through with him and to not contact her she meant it! We can report that while she is a woman of her word, that doesn’t mean she’s stopped thinking about him and his betrayal. She’s definitely feeling angry over learning the truth but we’ve got to hand it to her in that at least she is taking out her frustrations in a healthy manner.


McSwarek Wedding Plans

We learn this week that Sam and Andy have indeed set a wedding date and picked a reception venue. The McSwarek wedding plans seem to be coming along so great that Sam wants to know if Andy has any dreams or special requests for their big day. It turns out that she may have something in mind and now the question will be can he honour it?


Oliver Returns!

Now that his name has been cleared Oliver returns to work but he’s got a new role: street cop. He’s left behind the white shirt and Inspector Jarvis is having to fill in and hand out everyone’s assignments until a replacement Staff Sergeant can be named. Oliver seems to have plenty of opinions about how the Inspector is doing in his substitute role and has some aspirations for himself and Diaz, his lucky partner for the day.

Detective Frankie Anderson is back

We just met Det. Frankie Anderson last week and now Katharine Isabelle (Hannibal) returns again as she fills in for Traci. Jarvis assigns Gail to help her get situated, something Oliver calls “a rookie mistake.” How will she and Gail get along? Will Oliver be right about this pairing?


Dov and Chloe “amicably co-work”

Jarvis has also assigned Dov and Chloe to work the front desk together and Dov’s not too happy about it. Thankfully he’s not mad because he’s forced to work with Chloe, but given that she’s Chloe, she does have an opinion or two on the real reason he’s upset. Will these exes be able to survive a day of working together?

Marlo & Andy team up

This week is all about awkward pairs working together toward a common goal and there is no more awkward a pair than Andy and Marlo. But these two must work together to track down a missing woman from Marlo’s therapy group and Andy isn’t one to hide her dismay about this. Is there anyone better at the whole pouting yet still managing to be completely adorable thing than Missy Peregrym? To be honest though, there’s more than one moment between the two ladies that shows that somewhere in another universe these two would have totally been friends.


Are you excited for this week’s Rookie Blue? What are you most looking forward to? Sound off in the comments below.

Rookie Blue airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Global in Canada and Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC in the United States.