Rookie Blue’s Peter Mooney Weighs In on Nick’s Future


The cop drama Rookie Blue returned Thursday night in Canada (it comes back to the States on June 25 on ABC), and along with it came a host of new problems and relationship issues for the officers of 15 Division. One officer in particular, Nick Collins, got quite the surprise when he found out the woman we last saw him kissing at the end of Season 5 was not only a cop, but one now working inside his division. Juliet (Erin Karpluk) may say she has a strict “no cops” dating policy, but Nick still seems to be interested in 15’s newest officer. Could things change if he leaves 15 Division and applies for ETF like he mentioned in the premiere?

For the answers to these questions, as well as what other fun Season 6 holds in store for Nick, The TV Junkies talked to the man himself, actor Peter Mooney. Mooney gave us his thoughts on a possible new gig for Nick, how things may play out with Juliet, given that viewers saw in the premiere episode she may actually be working for Internal Affairs, and his thoughts on a possible Season 7 of Rookie Blue.


The TV Junkies: Nick mentioned in the premiere that he is thinking about applying for ETF. Is that something we’ll see him wrestle with further as the season goes on and does that mean he may be leaving 15 Division?

Peter Mooney: I think Nick’s wrestling with it in the premiere and in a sense it will continue just in that they aren’t rookies anymore. Nick especially, everyone has moved on, Traci’s a detective now and people are starting to get further and further into their careers. He’s just looking for a change of pace, for something new, a new challenge. His idea at the beginning of the season is ETF and by the end of the season it may be something else.

TTVJ: Nick and Juliet have an interesting dynamic and a lot of that is due to the chemistry between you and Erin Karpluk. How was it working with her this past season?

PM: She’s so much fun. I think she was a fantastic addition to the show. She’s so great. So much of the show I think rests on the chemistry of it and that’s been great. We had so much fun filming the stuff from this season and there’s going to be some real surprises and twists and turns on that front.

TTVJ: Juliet has this secret mission going on with her investigation into the corruption at 15 Division. Is this something that Nick will start to catch onto?

PM: It takes him awhile because it’s one of those things where the audience knows even more than we do. It’s great to have such a big, massive complication to anything that could happen between them.


TTVJ: She keeps insisting that she doesn’t want to date cops but is clearly drawn to Nick. Will we see her cross that line as the season progresses and might Nick finally be able to be happy romantically?

PM: Well I sure hope so! I think that was his idea going into the season too. He meets this nice girl buying toothbrushes, had a minor bicycle accident and it seems great. Then all the complications come flooding in. Not only is she a cop, but also a cop at the same division, which for Nick, he doesn’t have the best track record there.

TTVJ: The women of 15 Division really seem to take to Nick and confide in him. While Sam has Oliver and Dov and Chris have each other it seems like Nick is better friends with the likes of Chloe and Gail. What is it about Nick that the ladies of 15 seem to love so much as a friend?

PM: Nick is a bit of a lone wolf and in that you sort of know your secrets are safer with him. He’s not hanging out with the guys in the same way so it’s a little easier to confide in him. Although sometimes I think Nick hears even more than he’d like to.

TTVJ: We assume you’re referring to Chloe and that’s one of our favorite friendships on the show. Do Nick and Chloe have anything fun coming up and what’s it like working with Priscilla?

PM: Their odd little friendship definitely continues this season. I think it’s so much fun because it’s such a weird pairing and that happens at work sometimes, you end up working with these people who you may not have hung out with otherwise. I think Nick and Chloe hit it off in a way that’s not complicated in the same way that say Nick and Gail is. It’s very simple and a straightforward friendship that is a bit of a life raft at 15.

TTVJ: With all of the drama going on this season between Sam and Andy with the Marlo situation do you ever think “Boy Andy, I bet Nick is looking pretty good right now?”

PM: Yes I definitely think there’s a bit of a “phew!” [laughing] It’s a big one and one that’s a lot easier to be on the sidelines for.

TTVJ: Sam and Andy fans are very passionate, as I’m sure you know, having suffered their wrath before. Have you and Rachael [Ancheril who plays Marlo] talked at all about feeling the wrath of the fandom and have you given her any advice on being “the hated one?”

PM: We have a little club. We did, we talked a lot about it. It’s great to see how invested people are and there’s a weird kind of payoff in it. We definitely bonded over that.

TTVJ: So does this club include you, Eric Johnson (Luke) and Rachael?

PM: It does actually. I just saw Eric recently and we were talking about this very thing.

TTVJ: What are your thoughts about doing another season of Rookie Blue?

PM: I’d love to. The great thing about the show is that we’re all actually friends. That doesn’t always happen so it’d be so exciting to get back and all be working together again. I think there are more stories too which I’d love to keep telling.


What did you think of Nick and Juliet? Will Nick finally be happy with her? What’s your favourite friendship on the show and are you up for another year of Rookie Blue? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Rookie Blue airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Global and returns to ABC on Thursday, June 25.

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