Rookie Blue First Look: Trouble for McSwarek


For fans of Rookie Blue’s main couple, Sam Swarek and Andy McNally aka McSwarek, Season 5 was the season they had all been waiting for as the two officers finally worked through issues that had plagued them in seasons past and seemed poised for their happily ever after. However if the first trailer for Season 6, which premieres on Global on May 21 and on ABC on June 25, is any indication that bombshell dropped by Sam’s ex-girlfriend Marlo in the finale may make McSwarek’s happily ever after very short lived.

For fans who need a quick reminder, you’ll remember that Dov discovered an ultrasound picture of Marlo’s and according to showrunner Tassie Cameron it does track that it could be Sam’s baby. From the quick trailer released by Global on Monday, Dov seems to be imploring Marlo to come clean with Sam about his impending fatherhood, something that leaves Sam as speechless as viewers were after that finale. We also get a quick glimpse of Sam seeming to share the news with his girlfriend Andy McNally and as expected her not taking too kindly to the news that her boyfriend will be having a child with his ex.

But go ahead and take a look at the trailer for yourself below. Are you as nervous as we are about what Marlo’s pregnancy means for McSwarek? Do you think Andy and Sam will be able to make it through this latest obstacle in their relationship? Outside of McSwarek what are you most looking forward to in Season 6 and which characters are you missing the most? Make sure to sound off with your thoughts and Season 6 in the predictions below!

Rookie Blue premieres Thursday, May 21 at 9 p.m. ET on Global and Thursday, June 25 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.