Rookie Blue drops truth bombs & Selfie


If you’re still waiting to catch Wednesday night’s Rookie Blue then stop looking at colour swatches for that gala ball dress and  get to it already. Sam could grow a moustache in the time you’ve already wasted.

“Fragments” was the penultimate episode of this fifth season’s first half, and the shots were definitely dark and foreboding, setting us up for things to come. This was due in part to many of the scenes taking place in garages, but it was also thanks to mood setter guru, Orphan Black co-creator and director John Fawcett, who helmed the episode. We picked up with Sam and Andy happily in love at Sam’s apartment, with Sam finally making a big step–handing over a key to his pad. Stallion Andy naturally panicked and jumped out of bed (I love that she’s always wearing sports bras, by the way), and started freaking out. Of course she didn’t want to ruin something that was going so well, but then again isn’t this what she’s always wanted from Sam? An emotional commitment as well as a physical one? Now that she has it she doesn’t know what to do with it and I’m surprised Sam didn’t have a stronger reaction to her rejection. Not that we were able to spend much time evaluating it.

At the station the focus quickly turned to Nick, who aside from that memorable boxing episode hasn’t really let his feelings about losing Andy to Sam at the beginning of the season show. The look on his face as he watched Andy get out of the truck with Sam was heartbreaking, because you could see he still carries a torch for his ex. Enter Chloe (who I still think is going to wind up with Nick at some point), asking him for yet another opinion. That’s Nick’s M.O. guys, even if he doesn’t know it. He starts as the best guy friend and then all of a sudden, bam! He’s the new love interest. Certainly at this point it seems like Chloe still has some feelings for Wes, and what happened over their divorce papers has jeopardized her relationship with Dov. But with two complicated men to choose from, there is that shot she’ll want a straight shooter next, right?

For now it looks as though there is finally some resolve between Nick and Andy at least, and it’s all thanks to Duncan. We knew it was coming, but Selfie returned to the station with full vigour, where he made amends (of sorts) with Shaw and requested to ride with Andy. Nick quickly stepped up to help his ex and offered to ride with him instead, saving her from having to put up with the guy’s constant yammering. Of course he paid for it when Duncan told Nick about how he was the subject of rumours thanks to Andy dumping him “like a hot potato.” As for Andy, she paid for it by riding with Chloe, who immediately got the key story out of her. Unfortunately their girlie heart-to-heart was cut short when a bomb exploded in an underground parking garage.

Has anyone else noticed that every time Chloe and Andy ride together something really bad happens? It’s gotten to the point where I tense up just watching them team together. In this case it was a city bomber, who we eventually learned was taking revenge against the city, four years to the day he lost his son in the Junction Diner bombing. Kudos to Andy for tracking that bit of information down with her coincidental memory. We knew that angry bike guy from a few episodes back had to be integral to a future story, didn’t we? It was just too random to have him be pissed over a stolen bike.

Back at the station, we finally, finally got some Gail/Holly time when the latter pretty much accosted Gail with kisses and pleaded with her to talk now that she’s ended things with her other someone. I’m so on board with these two being happy together, but we knew something was up with Gail when she said she had a thing. Sure we were supposed to take that as a date, but Gail has been going through a lot of self-growth this season so it didn’t come as too much of a shock that the thing she actually had was a meeting about adopting Sophie–the little girl whose mother died in hospital following an apartment building shooting weeks ago. Hopefully with all that sorted though Gail and Holly can finally get back together–they’re pretty much the best relationship on the show right now (OK, in my opinion).

While everyone else was attempting to track down the bomber (or put their relationships back in order), Duncan was insistent that he and Andy make up. It didn’t take long for McNally to completely blow up and call the rookie out for not deserving to be there because he wasn’t a real cop, which led to the business card-wielding Duncan to explore a tip on his own in his dumbass kind of way. I’ll admit I didn’t feel at all bad when he was clocked over the head with a wrench–watching it was actually cathartic. If anyone deserved to be locked up in a car with a bomb under it, Duncan was the guy, and I’m so happy that the writers decided Nick would actually disable it rather than be blown up. Unfortunately heading into the finale we know that no one is safe just yet because the bomber is still at large.

Who better to help the squad catch the guy but Marlo, who was finally back after leaving last season due to her mental health issues. Since then, the lady has apparently dealt with all of that and gotten herself a promotion in the form of an intelligence officer. Poor Andy in her dirty police uniform was forced to watch Sam’s ex gorgeously walk up to the crime scene like Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality‘s post-makeover scene. Andy had to be rethinking the key at that point, right? Much like Sam doesn’t have anything to worry about when Det. Luke comes out to help with a case, I don’t think Andy has anything to worry about here, but her jealousy was definitely apparent.

“So we’ll be wrapping this case up … quickly, hm?”

I’d say by sometime next week.

Singing the Blues:

  • Where was Diaz? Are we supposed to believe he actually told Shaw the truth and is potentially in rehab somewhere? Or is he off on another binge?
  • Looks like Traci and Steve are still on the outs. Not that there was much time to explore that storyline this week.
  • “We broke up. She said I wasn’t over my ex.” Insert fist pump here.
  • I am so curious to see what kind of a mom Gail will be. Also, I think we need to bring Lauren Holly back as her mom to help offer motherly advice.
  • Chloe would look great in red, but I’m going to go ahead and say I would not be a fan of Sam growing a moustache. Can I get a heck yes?


Rookie Blue wraps Season 5A Wednesday, Aug. 6 at 10 p.m. ET on Global.


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