Rookie Blue Boss talks Happy Endings and New Beginnings


It was the end of an era on Rookie Blue’s Season 6 finale, or was it possibly just the start of a brand new beginning? With news about a possible Season 7 of the Canadian cop drama still up in the air, fans saw Sam Swarek (Ben Bass) and Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym) finally walk down the aisle. It was an episode that “we’ve all been heading toward for a really long time,” current showrunner Tassie Cameron told The TV Junkies.

After six seasons of will-they or won’t-they, McSwarek finally said “I do.” “It really was a joy to do,” Cameron said of the episode which she called “a magical experience–writing it, shooting it–it was as magical of a behind the scenes experience as I hope it is on screen.” Not only did McSwarek get married, but other members of 15 Division were treated to some happy endings of their own as Andy, Chris (Travis Milne), Chloe (Priscilla Faia) and Gail (Charlotte Sullivan) all became Training Officers. Meanwhile, Dov (Gregory Smith) became a detective in training, Traci (Enuka Okuma) got promoted and Oliver (Matthew Gordon) returned to his role of Staff Sergeant.

Cameron spoke with us about writing the finale, also her last episode as showrunner since a Season 7 would see Sherry White take over control. She also answered all of our questions on anything still up in the air and gave us some details on what she knows about the possibility of another year. Check out that below!


TTVJ: What did it feel like knowing this was your last episode as showrunner?

Tassie Cameron: It was very emotional. It was hard and weird and sad and good. I sat in the church watching those two say those vows that we all worked so hard to get right, and the party afterwards at the cabin, we were all there for it. It was a very emotional experience. I felt so proud of our cast and our team and it was a very positive way to end my run on that show. 

TTVJ: How hard was it to balance the fact that you didn’t know for sure if this was going to be a series or season finale?

TC: It was tricky because we really didn’t know, and we still don’t know, whether the show was coming back. But I felt like we needed to tie that up in a way that would be satisfying if it didn’t come back and I hoped that the last act of the episode would show that there are so many more potential stories for the future. You’re kind of shaking everything up, some people are leaving, new people are arriving, these guys are going to be training officers. We tried to balance it out that way.

I wanted to wrap up that Sam and Andy love story in a way I felt proud of and that I wanted to do from the very beginning.


TTVJ: So did you have Sam and Andy getting married in mind when you set out six years ago?

TC: Yes. The end game was always Sam and Andy. We’ve certainly thrown a lot of dilemmas and conflicts and problems in their way along the six seasons. But no, that was always the endgame for me. I’m a sucker. I love weddings. I love wedding movies and wedding episodes and I’d been looking forward to writing something like this for a long time.

TTVJ: You mentioned the wedding vows and we found them to be pretty perfect. How did you come up with those and where did the “epiphanies” idea come from?

TC: The epiphanies idea was just something I got in my head. I was always going to call it that, “74 Epiphanies,” for 74 episodes. I was trying to encapsulate how I feel you can embark on a commitment with somebody and that it has to be the small moments that add up to a magical life together. It was a personal exploration of what marriage and commitment mean.

The vows, we worked hard on them. I did a number of versions and then I worked on them with Missy and Ben and David Wellington who directed. Everybody has their own idea of what you’d say in there but ultimately we stayed pretty close to my first draft. We worked them a bit and we wanted them to be funny and sweet and moving. We worked hard together on them.

TTVJ: Andy and Sam had some rough moments this season dealing with Marlo’s pregnancy, but seem to have come out on the other side much stronger. How important was it to have them work through a major obstacle like that before they got their happy ending?

TC: We all thought it was really important for them to have one grown up, non-love triangle test of their love and their commitment and strengths as individuals and as a couple. We felt it was very important to throw something real and grown up and very complicated at them in this last season. If you can get through that then you can get through anything. We felt that it was a really powerful way to show how far these two have come together and how well they communicate together now and how they have each other’s backs, even in this heartbreaking set of circumstances.

I know this hasn’t been the world’s most popular choice, but we did what we felt was the most interesting version of the story that we wanted to tell.


TTVJ: The corruption storyline was the other major arc this season. Are you satisfied with the way that played out and what did everyone think when you said Steve Peck [Adam Macdonald] was going to be the one behind it all?

TC: I think everybody was just relieved it wasn’t them. For a little while there a lot of them were wondering if they were going to be the bad guy.

With Steve Peck’s character the very first moment we met him was back in Season 1 and he was involved with a corrupt partner. It was a light story line but he was on the dirty side of things even in Season 1. So we always thought he’d be an interesting person. He’s entitled, he’s connected, he’s charismatic and he’s madly in love with one of our leads. We thought he’d be a very interesting person to explore why they went sideways. Adam was incredibly game and great about it. 

TTVJ: You previously said the theme for this season was life isn’t a fairy tale but it seemed that a lot of our characters did get happy endings. Was it important to you to make sure everyone landed on their feet given the possibility of this being a series finale?

TC: Yes, I think so. I like a happy ending. We put the viewers through the ringer enough this season and I think there are moments like that. You go to the wedding of two people that are meant to be together and everything clicks into place. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? But the joy of that can be really contagious. We were trying to convey that sense of a happy ending for as many people as we could.

TTVJ: Chris, Chloe, Andy and Gail are all training officers now. That’s four wildly different personalities. If you were a trainee, which of those 4 would you want to be your TO?

TC: Gail Peck would be the most interesting probably. Chris would be the most patient. Andy is Andy. I would choose Andy.


TTVJ: Oliver is now Staff Sergeant again, a role that in the past he begrudgingly accepted. Why did you decide to have him come back and take that role again?

TC: Number one he’s such a great actor and he was doing great work in that new role. Rather than bring somebody else new in to fill that spot we’re always trying to figure out a way to show that people are growing, and maturing and evolving. Having him go back to the blue shirt felt like a step backwards for him in terms of authority and storyline. We really liked the idea that this guy’s got their backs and if they’re getting promoted he’s got to be promoted too. He’s there for them in the same authority figure way that he always has been.

I think Matt was a little reluctant to come back and say he was going to be putting on the white shirt, he really liked being in blue and out on the street, but he understood why it was the right choice creatively.

TTVJ: Gail had a pretty rough year and ultimately had to step aside in her quest to adopt Sophie. Was that a difficult decision for you guys to make as writers and would that be something for her to explore in the future?

TC: It was a difficult decision because again you want all your characters to get what they want and be happy by the end of the season in some way or another. But we felt like it was the most realistic, honest ending to that storyline, especially given everything that was going on in her family and personal life. It seemed like the right choice for her to make. 

I was really hoping that while she doesn’t have the classic happy ending this season that she’s really teed up–if there is another season–that she’s really teed up to where she’s in a good place now. She’s worked through a lot of stuff that character and I think is ready for some good things.


TTVJ: One of the things she wasn’t ready for in the past was her relationship with Holly [Aliyah O’Brien]. Now that she’s at this better place, if the show did move forward, would you like to see her romantically with Holly or Frankie [Katharine Isabelle]?

TC: Frankie was really fun and it was fun to bring in a character that out-Gails Gail a little bit. I thought there were some fun sparks and potential for that. I’m not the boss of it anymore so I don’t know what they are going to do. But as I’ve said before, I love Holly and I love Holly and Gail together. If it were up to me I’d try to figure out a way to get Aliyah to move to Toronto. I really do love them together. 

TTVJ: We were very glad to see Dov and Chloe get back together. Overall though they didn’t seem to get as much focus this year as they have in the past. Was that just a side effect of having to service so many characters?

TC: Yes, you do have to focus a little bit on which are the main storylines and continuing arcs you’re going to explore–especially with a short season as we only had 11 episodes. Greg Smith was directing a lot so we were keeping him busy behind the camera. We love Chloe and Dov’s characters and wanted to continue to use them for romantic angst and comedic relief. I find Chloe one of the funniest characters. I could watch her do anything. I guess it was a simpler story with the two of them getting back together, Dov learning that he wants to be a detective even though that’s not what he wanted when he started the job. They were simpler stories. 


TTVJ: Can you tell us anything about a possible Season 7 and where things stand with that?

TC: I really, really, really don’t know. I really don’t. Believe me if I knew I would hint at it. I don’t know. We’ve all been waiting to hear for a really long time now. There’s a whole roomful of writers who are ready to roll up their sleeves and get going, same with the actors. There’s a lot of stuff to figure out I guess. 

TTVJ: You’ve mentioned that Sherry has already come up with a detailed plan should there be another season. Can you share any details about that?

TC: I’ve seen scripts and outlines for the first four and all I can say is that it’s super fun and really refreshing. There’s a bunch of new characters and new adventures. I’m really excited to see where she’s headed with it. I don’t want to blow her surprises.

TTVJ: It does seem like if there’s another season that Nick [Peter Mooney] and Juliet [Erin Karpluk] may not be a part of it given they were headed to Vancouver. Is that a safe assumption?

TC: I don’t know if that’s true because we love Nick Collins and we love Peter Mooney. I do think he needs something different to do professionally if he was to come back. Our problem is we fall in love with our cast and then we can’t get rid of them. We just keep trying to figure out ways to give them new stuff to do because we have the best cast on the planet. I wouldn’t say that we’ve seen the end of him yet.

TTVJ: Since you are done with Rookie Blue, what’s up next for you?

TC: I’m doing a lot of consulting on other projects. I am helping out with a new Jason Priestley P.I. series that’s been ordered for Global and Shaw here [The Code]. I just wrote a spec that has recently sold as a limited cable pilot. That’s pretty exciting and I’ll share with you when I can what’s happening with that. I’m developing, reading, working with other writers, just trying to shake it up and do some different stuff this year and get my head clear. I’m actually going on two vacations this summer for the first time in many, many years that I’ve had a chance to do that.

What did you think of the Rookie Blue finale? Do you want it back for Season 7? Sound off in the comments below!