Rocky relationships on Madam Secretary


Monday’s episode of Madam Secretary, “Need To Know,” featured a new (secretive) job, a missing husband, and some serious tension at the office. But biggest of all, it seemed like the slight rift between Elizabeth and Henry just might slowly be driving them further apart, thanks to Henry’s continued involvement with the NSA.

Keeping secrets is never healthy for a relationship. Elizabeth’s job requires her to keep secrets all the time, but I’m sure she’s not used to not being able to talk to her husband. What shocked me was that arm-candy hubby lied to his wife about his continued involvement with the NSA mission. I don’t know why Henry decided to lie about this when it’s obvious telling Elizabeth the truth would have been a better idea, unless there’s something else going on. I can only imagine how pissed Elizabeth will be when she finds out the truth. More importantly, I hope whatever this secretive NSA business is won’t bring our leading couple any harm.

This week’s political crisis involved a missing ex-CIA friend of Elizabeth’s, another democracy in peril, and a creepy general called Sergey Kolba. At first, Elizabeth tried to help the Prime Minister of Moldova by bringing in an ex-CIA friend to try and diffuse the situation between the separatists. Of course, nothing can play out that easily and the Moldova-bound plane was “shot down,” leaving everyone on board (including handsome Jim) feared dead. As always, our beautiful leading lady devised a smart plan to save Jim while managing to defeat the creepy Kolba. We also got to see a heartfelt exchange between Jim’s wife and Nadine when she gave the terrified wife a hug. I am really liking Nadine’s character: professional, a bit cold at times, very sassy, but still emotional. I’m looking forward to what the writers have in store for her. Has she gotten over Marsh yet? Will she go back out into the dating world?

Daisy and Matt’s relationship is now pretty strained, after Daisy’s surprise engagement to Winthrop. And the tension between the two characters was beginning to affect other members of the office (namely Nadine and Blake).  Matt believed that Winthrop wasn’t good enough for Daisy, and told Daisy that Winthrop was a “weird name.” I do have to admit that Winthrop is quite a unique name, but also a tad bit weird. And maybe I’m projecting a bit, but Matt and Daisy really seemed to have some kind of look on their faces while watching the reunion between Jim and his wife, leaving me with plenty of questions. Will Daisy go through with this wedding? Will she elope with Winthrop? Or will she call off the engagement and run into Matt’s arms? I certainly know what I’m hoping for…

Vincent Marsh and George were brought up again Monday night. Isabelle, yet another CIA friend of Elizabeth’s, was willing to put her life on the line to help Elizabeth find out the truth about the death of their friend and the former Secretary of State. The last time someone decided to investigate Marsh’s death, someone did actually die, making this a pretty risky committment. It will definitely be interesting to see how Russell will react to this, since he was one of Marsh’s enemies. Russell is turning out to be a bit complicated too. Sometimes I like him, sometimes, I want to throw a brick at him. Bu one thing is for sure, if he harms Elizabeth or her family, honest to the TV gods, I will throw my TV out my door.

Secretarial Thoughts:

  • If Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord comes barging into your meeting, demanding to speak with your head privately, you gather your sh*t and you RUN.
  • Matt has some pretty good puns.
  • Blake values his personal space.
  • Our wonderful SoS cannot cook… #TakeoutTime

What did you think of “Need To Know”? Let us know below and be sure to check out the promo for next week’s episode, “So It Goes”!

Madam Secretary airs at 8 p.m. ET on CBS and Global.