Real Housewives of New York City’s Dorinda and Sonja on Finding Common Ground

Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo
Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo

You learn pretty quickly on the Real Housewives of New York City that these women have pretty tough skin. One minute you’re best friends with someone and the next they are your mortal enemy. Such goes life as a reality TV star! At the start of this season, airing Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Slice and Bravo, stars Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morgan were coming off of some pretty bad arguments, but the women soon found themselves on common ground and began to repair their fractured friendship. Both women moved into new apartments and are reevaluating friendships with co-star Luann de Lesseps.

Medley and Morgan’s experience on the show also came in handy when it came to new cast member, Barbara Kavovit. Kavovit didn’t quite fit into the already established group, something that may be her own doing according to Medley and Morgan, but it was soon clear to viewers that Barbara was here to cause trouble. The TV Junkies discussed Barbara’s place in the group, as well as what to expect from the upcoming reunion specials, with Medley and Morgan.


The TV Junkies: It seems like you two have been getting along this season after some past troubles. What was the key for getting your relationship back on track?

Dorinda Medley: I just realized we had more in common than we don’t. One day she came over, and we realized that actually we have a lot in common, and we thought ‘what are we doing?’ Between our daughters, the way we run our life and raise our children — there’s so much bigger things to worry about. Plus, I like Sonja and we have a good time together! We’re very similar, strangely.

Sonja Morgan: Sometimes we get in the way of ourselves over petty arguments, but we’re both in the same place right now. We’re moving out of our past, I moved out of the townhouse and Dorinda and her daughter moved. We have a lot going on that’s very similar right now.

Heidi Gutman/Bravo
Heidi Gutman/Bravo

TTVJ: It really seemed like you, Dorinda, made some conscious efforts to reach out to Sonja. For instance, when you explored the Morgan estate in the Berkshires.

DM: Here’s the interesting thing, I had independently taken that tour because last summer I wanted to get to know the Berkshires again and had started to tour the old Berkshire cottages. I ended up at Bedford Hall and they started in on the history and I took it as a sign. I asked the guy who ran it if we could do a private tour, and I thought she’d like and enjoy it, but unfortunately it brought up some old feelings I didn’t expect. That was part of the process though for Sonja to move forward. She had a lot going on this year.

SM: It was a very good experience for me, actually. It reminded me how when I was at the Townhouse I was under that physical and emotional responsibility of all that goes along with having the Morgan and Adams’ artifacts. It was really good for me to go and a nice gesture from Dorinda.

It showed that she and I understood each other and got through things together, and that’s a sign that our friendship is really strong. You’ve seen that in the past with me and Bethenny, with Luann and I getting through a lot, and obviously me and Ramona get through so much. We’re still getting through so much! [laughs]

TTVJ: You both have been on the show several seasons, and we always seem to get new girls that are added into the mix. This year, that person has been Barbara. What was it like having her personality added to the group?

DM: I feel bad that Barbara didn’t truly make the effort to bond with the rest of the group. She really decided to take the role of being Luanna’s everything, blindly, and as Bethenny and I have said, she really did drink some sort of Kool-aid. There was no getting through to her or developing her own relationships independently and I think it really hurt Barbara. I actually believed I was friends with Barbara, but she isolated herself.

SM: You’ll see at the reunion what happens when Barbara comes on! You’ll be surprised.

DM: She isolated herself and in doing so, she never really incorporated herself successfully into the group.

SM: We all tried! Bethenny and I really put ourselves out there for Barbara. We were her lifesaver many times.

DM: I was trying to tell her that I was her friend too and ask what she was doing. She also was very adamant about only hearing one side of the story. It’s important in life to take into counsel both sides of every story.

TTVJ: In the most recent episode you were in Miami. Are there any other trips planned this year and do you have a favorite one you’ve been on for the show?

DM: Well my favorite trip was Mexico! It was a really beautifully curated trip and the house was incredible.

SM: The food was great. That tequila was great!

DM: I always really love to go to the Berkshires, even though it’s my house. I really love having the girls up, as much as it always ends up being some drama, it’s become a highlight in the season — for the girls, me and I think, the audience.

SM: Landmark trip!

Heidi Gutman/Bravo
Heidi Gutman/Bravo

TTVJ: You’re both veterans of being on this show. What is maybe the biggest lesson you’ve learned courtesy of being on the show?

DM: You’re always learning when you’re on the show, and more than learning a lesson, the truth is you have to be your honest self on the show. The audience is very smart, and there’s a lot of takeaway and a lot of positive. Sometimes it’s difficult, and you gotta be pretty brave to put yourself out there, but it’s affected so many people. Sonja and I were talking about this that you have this incredible platform to reach out to and give advice. Everybody is going through the same shit.

SM: We learned we have a lot in common with people, more than we even realize. We learned we inspired people more than we realize. Sometimes we think we should be so embarrassed, but we’ve learned the viewers are very forgiving too.

TTVJ: What can you preview about what’s still to come this season or maybe about the reunion?

SM: We can’t give you any spoilers, but we heard it’s the best reunion ever.

DM: That’s what the producers said, that it’s one of the best they have seen. There’s a lot of emotion and a lot of stuff that goes on that is at some points quite uncomfortable.

SM: A little bit of delusion too!


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Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo and Slice. The season finale airs June 27, followed by reunion specials.