Republic of Doyle starts digging


With Vic Saul behind him, it was time for Jake and the rest of Republic of Doyle to get to the serious work of trying to clear Jake’s name—and get back to the kind of crazy hijinks that have kept us coming back for over five seasons. But, apparently, not doing anything to help us deal with our confusion over where Jake and Leslie stand (I think they’re back on?).

I’ve got to say, I’m really hoping Clyde (Luke Kirby, Rectify) sticks around to bother Jake just a little bit more. While he seems like the kind of thing that could be a bit much after a couple of episodes, the way he escalated Jake’s investigation this week—while slowly trying to copy him—added just the right amount of hilarity as Jake’s case got truly dark. And for purely personal reasons, now that my longtime fave rabble-rouser Taylor Gossard has gone full murderer I need a new foil to cheer for.

After four weeks of Jake’s case getting put on the backburner thanks to Sloan, Saul and the terrible, no good, very bad deal, the series finally got to work on the meaty part of the show’s final season. And proved that getting Jake off the hook just might be a tricky enough feat to eat up the remaining half of the season if Week 1 is anything to go by. I suppose we should be relieved we’re finally free of Brogan and his games, but without their one lead it’s going to be quite the project for the Doyles.


It doesn’t help that there’s definitely something fishy going on down at the station—I just can’t suss out how high up it goes, or which of our allies might prove to be unfaithful in the end. As O’Brien, whose loyalties to Leslie seem dubious at best, told Hood to keep an eye on her I thought this might be a confirmation of last week’s worst suspicions. I just can’t decide if Hood letting Leslie know about the request is a sign I’ve been watching too many dramas, or the long-maligned cop’s attempt at covering his trail.

Maybe the leaks inside the force realized Jake and Leslie were getting close to an answer—or at least finally starting to dig deep enough—and decided to do what they could to placate Leslie once they realized outright forbidding her to investigate wouldn’t work (why anyone honestly thought Leslie would walk away from this is dumbfounding in and of itself). Right now there’s plenty of doubt hanging over Ronan’s creepy intentions, but it seems almost too obvious to be the real answer. I’ve got a feeling he’s going to turn out to be your more run-of-the-mill creeper than the source of the leak, and whoever’s really behind this is playing a much quieter game.

Either way, they’re about to have a lot more going for them thanks to Clyde hooking Jake up with a house arrest bracelet. While Jake has a hard enough time staying out of trouble on a good day, he has an especially hard time pulling that off on days when he absolutely can’t be caught doing anything remotely illegal. And with the cops able to track wherever he’s going, they could not only lock him up for something else and keep him from clearing his name, but worse, keep track of exactly where he is in the investigation and continue to stay one step ahead of him.

And with Christian back in town throwing money all over the place thanks to his latest job—which he’s apparently now left—Mal and Rose just might have enough on their hands. As fun as it was to see the Doyles having a boys night (and tossing us a nice throwback to their very first case with the return of Shaun Majumder’s Benny), Christian’s never brought the good times with him. And judging from the family’s reception of Ruby, they’re expecting the worst too.


  • “I just realized I have no idea how to play this game.” Des at the table with the big boys.
  • “I have never been paid either. And I needs new slacks. I needs a new retainer.” Oh, Des.
  • “Clyde, that kind of sounds like bit of a sex thing. You didn’t mean that to be a sex thing, did you?” And what if he did, Jake?
  • “It’s a nice little car, actually. And it’s from this century.” I’m assuming Des gets a pass on this GTO diss, since he’s the one who got Jake the GTO.
  • Leslie: “What’s Des doing fighting with a naked man?” Jake: “It was a thing we were doing for charity.”
  • “Forty-two seconds. That’s a lot of seconds. Just want to keep your expectations low.” Jake is the consummate salesman. Get it? Get it?

Do you still suspect Hood? Who else could the leak be? Is anyone interested in starting up a charity for Des? Sound off in the comments below!

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