Republic of Doyle cuts a deal


While I’ve enjoyed how Republic of Doyle is keeping Jake in the hot seat with some ongoing drama, I feel like this whole Vic Saul situation wrapped itself up just at the right time. And if that’s actually the case, it happened just as Jake ended up with a whole new set of issues on the home front, even as Doyle & Doyle Investigations is finally getting around to clearing Jake’s name (and getting their own possessions back).

Of course, with Vic still a free man I’m sure at some point before the end of the series Jake is going to have to take him down, but I’m really hoping the deal Jake cut over rescuing Alisha means this is the end of every episode getting sidetracked by a Vic request . Let’s get on with the Doyles clearing Jake’s name before a trial already. Or at least digging their business out of the hole Sloan dug for it.

Although I’m not entirely ready to see the last of Alisha and the trouble she’s obviously intending to cause Saul (and likely Jake). I don’t know if her position as Vic’s pseudo-adopted daughter messes up my theory that she’s an undercover cop—maybe she’s recently started working for them for some other reason—but that final parting tension between her and Jake screamed trouble ahead (and after five seasons, Jake has at least finally learned to spot that and get out). Either way, I’m excited to watch one final St. John’s power shake up go down thanks to the Doyles, and then maybe the city can finally have some peace.

That is as long as Alisha’s flirtations don’t come between Doyle and Leslie the way Jon is obviously trying to. Props to Jake for pre-empting Ronan’s creepy warning by calling it out for what it was obviously going to be, not that it made it any better. Or made me any less suspicious of why Ronan was asking Leslie where she’d last seen Jake. With Leslie realizing someone inside the force sold her out to Brogan, Jon’s little comments seem more than highly suspect—that, and the fact that he’s the one with the power to keep her off active duty.


Then again, I’d rather dump all the blame on Jon than feed a darker thought that occurred to me during the episode, when Leslie checked to see if Hood had told anyone else she was on her way to Clarke’s. And that was that maybe after all these years of being treated like shit by Jake, and having Leslie go along with it even when it ended up hurting their careers, he’d had enough. And while Hood and Jake have managed to work together in the past, maybe Hood thought this would finally be his chance to get rid of Doyle, and maybe free his partner of him too—since it’s obvious that what happened has already managed to drive a wedge between Jake and Leslie. I’ll admit it sounds ridiculously sinister to me, and in any other Doyle season I would have never questioned Leslie’s faithful partner.

But four episodes into Doyle’s final season it’s already obvious this is going to be a much darker run—and a harder one for all of our favourite characters. As devastating as a Hood betrayal would be, it just might fit the tone of a series that has gone from chasing graffiti Des through the streets to Jake being blackmailed into torturing someone (however halfheartedly). I don’t want Hood to be evil, because that just might be the most devastating thing to happen on the series since Mal’s heart attack, or shooting, or other shooting (seriously Mal, just stop doing this to me) but it could also turn into the perfect stunner to cap off how far we’ve come.

More Republic:

  • “Des, let’s go be stupid outdoors.” And on that note…
  • Des’ hacking side was finally back after weeks of slapstick. Then again, if he’s going to go around talking to Mal about sleeping with Tinny he’d better step up his game.
  • “It’s sad, actually. Where are people going to put their coffee?” Can we get a repo series with Des instead of Dog? It could be all sympathetic-like, with group cry sessions and snacks.
  • “You hit like a bitch.” Alex (A.J. Buckley, Justified) clearly not happy about having his life saved.
  • Alisha: “I have a tracker on your phone, did you forget that?” Jake: “Actually, I did.”

Exactly how much trouble do you think Christian can unleash in the time we have left? Do you also suspect Hood now? Let us know in the comments below!

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