Republic of Doyle: All bottled up


Is the final season of Republic of Doyle feeling particularly bold to anyone else? It should be after Wednesday’s “Body of Evidence,” an episode that broke almost entirely with the show’s standard formula and delivered what might just be Doyle’s first (and last) bottle episode.

If that’s the case, should we be bracing ourselves for something huge come next week’s two-episode finale? I kind of feel like that’s a given, especially considering finales of Doyle past, but I can’t remember ever seeing restraint like this before. And hey, they can actually blow up The Duke, the GTO or even the family homestead and walk away, ahem, consequence free (except for those movie rumours, which might make at least some of that tricky).

After opening in medias res, as the series likes to do at least once a season (if not twice) going back in time didn’t actually take us to the beginning of the case but the beginning of the interrogations. Because there was no case, per se, this week. (And wow, that’s a lot of Latin for a single paragraph. Sorry.). Or at least, not a case in the traditional sense that sees the Doyles taking on a client, experiencing the snowball effect of disaster striking (usually thanks to Des) and a tidy resolution that’s always a little more convoluted than I can process.

Instead we were treated to an episode spent entirely inside the RNC as the Doyles and Leslie were grilled on their involvement in a breaking and entering case that ended with Jake as the prime suspect in another murder. If only they’d spent this much time working on Jake’s case, we might not have to be worried about his trial date being moved up by half a month.


And while things ended pretty open-and-shut for the Doyles minus a few revelations Pickard (John Kapelos, Justified) dropped just to disrupt the group, things don’t look like they’ve ended as tidily for Leslie. Accusations were flying that she was a dirty cop thanks to a bug in her office that revealed she’d covered up Sloan’s robbery at Jake’s request and also concealed information that Jake had been working for Vic Saul.

It was good to see her old fire back as she demanded to be called sergeant by Pickard—a nice reminder of how much Leslie cares about this job just as they’re threatening to take it away from her. And maybe solving the case inspired Pickard to look over the IA report to clear her name, but until there’s confirmation on that, and the RNC leak has been exposed, I won’t be feeling too confident about Leslie’s chances. Everything this season has felt like it’s moving towards Leslie giving up her badge and I’m mostly just keeping my fingers crossed that she gets to do it by choice.

At least we finally got some clarity about Jake and Leslie, and what she wants from their relationship. After a season of rejection, booty calls and longing looks Jake finally established that he and Leslie don’t have a brother/sister relationship (which was a concern for many, I’m sure) and Leslie flat out stated she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. It’s better news than Des got as Tinny put the brakes on things just as he started babbling about marriage to Pickard—and I’m really hoping her sudden cold feet had more to do with Pickard’s particular line of questioning than a real end to this, even if it would be more than realistic for Tinny to want to move on.

Still, with Jake right back where he’s been all season—a.k.a. up a certain kind of creek with no paddle—trying to prove his innocence, I’m not sure what the bottle episode did except amp up our anticipation for next week’s grand finale. Then again, it’s all coming down to those final couple of hours, and this might have been just the investigative warm up the Doyles needed.


  • “Well, you know. Nothing about my job is exactly normal.” We’ve noticed, Jake.
  • “Are you trying to say I’m ugly? I was born like this.” You are lovely, Des. Simply lovely.
  • “I don’t sound too sure about a lot of things.” –Des
  • “I’m not a perv. I was in the bushes, silly.” –Des
  • “I love you, that’s all. I just want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Fingers crossed, Leslie.

Republic of Doyle airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBC.