Remedy’s women shine again


Is it me, or are the women of Remedy slowly stealing the series? From Sandy’s impressive development through Season 1—and carrying into her tête-a-têtes with Jason this season—to Zoe taking a stand for the hospitals workers both upstairs and down, and even Nurse Patel making the most of the oft-used snake in the ER, the series is clearly having more fun with its ladies than ever before.

(As an aside … why doesn’t Nurse Patel have a first name?)

But first must come Griffin’s ongoing drama with his relapse as he finally came clean to Zoe, but only once his sisters—namely Mel—figured out what was really behind his rather sweaty day. As hard as it is to take Griffin at his word that it was just a slip up, I think Mel’s knee-jerk reaction is only pushing him further off the wagon than actually helping. And while laying blame for any of it is a dangerous, futile game, watching Griffin beg Zoe to support him—for anyone to support him, really—was pretty agonizing.

Griffin doesn’t have too much good will stacked up, apparently, with any of his friends or family. Not only were his friends at the hospital the reason he got caught (honestly, who uses a recovering drug addict as a workplace drug mule?) but they weren’t even willing to help clear his name if it meant putting their jobs, instead of his, at risk.

Then again, they might all be out of jobs if the new Chief of Staff gets his way. Allen might start regretting not putting his name forward when asked if Dennis Gilray (a.k.a. our man Jerry, or Noam Jenkins) goes through with his plan to turn the hospital into an outpatient-churning-money-making salon of optional procedures. But in the end this might not be as much Allen’s fight as it is Zoe’s—or at least she’ll go down as the one who started it. Earning herself some recognition from Allen outside of being Griffin’s babysitter and a chance to get back on track with her research thanks to a new charmer, Zoe had a far more powerful reaction than Allen’s petty scribbles. I just hope she keeps pushing forward with this and her own work—Zoe seems like the type who will succeed with a cause, and not just the one of keeping her boyfriend clean.

It would be the same kind of empowerment that’s quickly turning Sandy into my favourite as she—in her very Sandy way—decided against a man who parks his car in the ambulance bay. Because as cute as Sandy and Gord were last week, I’m not really interested in seeing her settle for someone again. That, and watching Jason have to punch out a prisoner because Sandy wanted to bend the rules for a crush may have driven home a couple of those new priorities. If nothing else, it let Sandy see that Jason knows a few things too, and in that scenario she just might have been parking in the wrong spot too.

Which made the closer, in which Mel told Cutler he should take the job, just that much sweeter as yet another Conner wasn’t afraid to admit how much she prioritized her job—while still caring deeply for her family. It’s a modern balance that isn’t easy, but stripping away that compulsion for guilt is a refreshing take. And while I guess that means Cutler should take the job in Dallas—if we’re going to support workaholics on each of Bethune’s levels—I’m still secretly hoping he chooses to be slightly more romantic than the sisters, because that quick chat on the floor almost had me wishing Mel could be a little less pragmatic.

Remedy airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Global.