No Remedy as Griffin copes

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Let’s hear it for Sassy Sandy! As some of her family members, in some form or another, reverted to their less than stellar selves on Monday’s Remedy (I’m looking at you, pill-popping Griffin), Sandy made the huge leap from the pushover nurse of yesteryear into a vocal, assertive badass–putting an end to the doctors and fancy nurses dismissing her years of experience.

Maybe it’s just my growing love for Sarah Allen, thanks to her brief time on 19-2 this season and the fact that she’s been the most likeable Conner since the beginning, or that Remedy–initially a show about brother Griffin’s ability to trash everything–has turned its female leads into the most compelling part of the story. Either way, watching Sandy find her authority has been a satisfying bit of character growth since the show’s return.

While this was ostensibly an episode about Griffin’s slide back into substance abuse after brazenly reassuring Zoe that wouldn’t happen, “Playing Doctor Conner” actually managed to squeeze in more of the genuine sibling friction that makes the series so relatable for me (everyone drive-by sasses their family on a daily basis, right?). That, and Mel once again used a line I’ve said myself on more than one occasion, cementing her place as my on-screen doppleganger.

Because who else but family could get past your sister failing to mention that the boy who’d just dumped you was actually about to propose before he headed off in another direction? A slightly unfortunate revelation, since a stammering Jerry reminded me why I liked him so much in Season 1. Would it have been too much to give Mel and Jerry a chance while Sandy got to know her “hot doctor?” Though, I guess with Griffin and Zoe having so far avoided going on and off at all, at least one of Beth H’s couples had to teeter of the edge–especially with Niall Matter winking and sending cool patients to the staff’s most competitive doc.

Then again, I’m pretty sure Griffin falling off the wagon was listed as one of Zoe’s deal breakers–something I’m sure he’s also aware of given the look his reflection was giving him. There’s a chance this could just be a one-off thanks to the terrible opportunity Tuttle handed him on what’s gone down as one of his worst days at the hospital, but the laws of television do dictate that as soon as he ‘fesses up or word gets out that he slipped even once, there’ll be hell to pay and less happy mornings to wake up to.

While Griffin may have gotten off easy thanks to the fact that he was covering for his boss and she knew it, I still can’t help but feel like there might be more ramifications down the line if he keeps pursuing this doctor thing. In the smallest of ways he grappled with a very real development in Canada, questioning whether the patient he was escorting around the hospital should be denied the death she wanted. But the way he did it–which admittedly put patient care and her wishes above the rules and numbers the rest of his family took aim at this week–leaves some questions about whether he could be an asset to a hospital, or a liability. It’s the kind of debate he should be having with his father–who’s instead directing his sage nuggets at Cutler–especially if living with leaving Jane alone is going to be the cause of his undoing.

Still, the Conners did seem unusually happy this week, and since Griffin’s struggle has so far happened off-screen, pre-series, this just might be a good chance to show us all why things with his family got so terribly out of hand that he fled the country to get clean. If nothing else, it will hopefully give us at least one more moment of Sandy laying down the law and whipping her baby brother–along with everyone else–into shape.

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