Remedy: Daddy Conner steps up to the plate


Can we get a heck-ya for Dr. Conner? Dr. Allen Conner that is. Did he not kick some serious ass this week on Remedy? Allen has always played an important role at Bethune Hospital but this week he really stood out. Not only did he did he spill some “Blood and Guts,” (I had to get the show title in there somehow) even if most of the spilling was onto his shoes, but he also cracked a guy’s chest in the ER and got his heart beating again with his own two hands.

Allen has done the Chief of the hospital thing. Sure he was great as the interim chief but it’s obvious now that his talents were being seriously wasted. Allen struggled those first few weeks in the ER but he really seems to be hitting his stride now. I was worried that, when given the opportunity, he would jump at the chance to return to his job as Chief but was pleasantly surprised to see him turn it down. Allen’s wealth of knowledge and experience are going to be a huge asset to that ER and I really do hope that he sticks with it. Look to the future Allen, because your’s is as a doctor in that emergency room.

Zoe was put in a hard place this week. She had a gut feeling that her mother, who showed up after being gone for twenty years, shouldn’t be trusted and she was right. Someone that suddenly appears in your life after being gone for that long and just happens to need a bone marrow transplant is obviously not just there for a friendly visit. Zoe is doing a noble thing by stepping up and offering her bone marrow to her mom but is cutting all ties with her once she’s done really the best way to go about things? I think that she might come to regret that decision. Yes them meeting up again wasn’t under good circumstances but maybe this is their opportunity. Maybe this is their chance to get to know each other again. Maybe her mom has changed? Maybe she’s a better person now? I really think that she at least needs to give her a chance. Maybe now that she finally came to her senses and told Griffin about it, he can convince her to do things differently.

Speaking of Griffin, he sure has made a quick descent back into his pill popping ways. I was hoping that last week was just a one-time thing that happened in a moment of stress but apparently I was wrong. As we saw in the reflecting that he was doing with his porter patient, Griffin has some pretty severe daddy issues. He is obviously feeling VERY pressured by his father about going back to medical school and I think that he needs to get that issue straightened out before he can get his life back together. This poor guy has no idea what he wants to do with his life. He’s crying out for help and no one is seeing it. If his family doesn’t figure out what’s going on soon they aren’t going to be able to save him. He is just going to continue down the same road he did before when he got kicked out of medical school.

Mel also deserves some serious props this week, not for being a great doctor, which she is, but for being able resist that amazingly hot doctor Peter for as long as she did. I know I never would have lasted that long. Thank God she did finally give in to his not so subtle advances. This girl needs to let off some steam. She is wound tighter than a yoyo and this is exactly what she needs to relieve some of that stress. I doubt that this relationship in going to go anywhere but she might as well enjoy it while she can. I know I’m going to enjoy watching it.

A Few More Remedy’s

  • I didn’t think I could love the Connor sisters’ girl talk any more than I already did, but then I saw this week’s episode. They know exactly how to pull each other’s strings and it could not be more fun to watch.
  • Maybe Allen should just wear those little blue booties over his shoes all the time? It would certainly save him some money on cleaning expenses.
  • How amazing is Nurse Patel? I swear I wanted to give her a high five every time she opened her mouth this week.

Are you worried about Griffin? Were you glad to see Mel finally give in to Peter? Sound off with your Remedy-related thoughts in the comments below.

Remedy airs Monday at 9 p.m. ET on Global.