Reckless Remedy

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Riding high—off any number of things—the Conners were in for quite the come down during Monday’s Remedy. Just like Cutler’s patients slipping from euphoria to comfort to disaster, egos were being brought low around the hospital.

And while a number of falls—not just Maya’s—were more than predictable, I still have to hand Rebecca the prize of most reckless character in this week’s edition. Maybe it was rule No. 1 of my old high school babysitting career flashing a massive alert in my head, but from the second the former Mrs. Conner began chatting away on her cell phone with Maya hovering dangerously near the edge of the counter I knew it was only a matter of time before her “I’ve raised three kids!” shtick came crashing down, taking Maya with it.

Because as Mel proved, even when Sandy didn’t want to hear it, Rebecca’s parenting skills were far from perfect—and that same recklessness seemed to be at play as she looked after her grandchild. And while I won’t deny that it could happen to anyone—babies are notoriously fast and squirmy—Rebecca’s cavalier approached seemed to fit more with someone who simply couldn’t see all the mistakes she’d made despite Mel listing them to her face. Or at least she couldn’t until the episode’s end, when she was one of the few Conners to move past self-preservation—or even attempts at going clean—and take a good look at how she got there.

Because while Griffin was flushing away his newly acquired blend of pills and powder, I wasn’t so sure that this was the end of his problems. He was notably on edge trying to force Zoe into a forgiving state as she donated bone marrow to the woman who ditched her, and even more so once he was trying to keep Leona from telling Zoe the truth, that there’s simply more distance for him to tumble before finally hitting good ol’ rock bottom. At this point he’s got quite the collection of secrets to keep from his girlfriend and simply getting rid of the drugs won’t keep them from coming out.

Even control-freak Mel was feeling confident enough to live on the wild side. Or at least she was feeling the particular high of someone who hasn’t slept in days because she’s got Niall Matter keeping her warm (and who can blame her?). But while lust is fun in the beginning—as Cutler’s patients also proved—it doesn’t always lead to the best decisions.

It’s a good thing Mel also happens to be the best surgeon in town, because it seemed like she was gunning it towards a dead patient for a minute there. More worrisome, though, is that while she may have called off the music and seen through her sleep-deprived haze enough to realize the situation was bad, she still couldn’t see why the oncologist was telling her off. Then again, despite being one of my fave characters on this show, even I can’t deny Mel’s got the biggest ego of them all—and even though it’s earned, one day it’s also going to burst.

And while I’d hate to classify Sandy kissing a patient’s significant other/emergency contact (exactly what that relationship is just might be something Sandy should sort out before meeting Gord in a “well-lit public space”) she also wandered over to the wild side to break the rules. But as with Allen Conner last week, it’s hard to begrudge either of them for getting some satisfaction out of their work since they spend so much time cleaning up after their family. Besides, with Mel sufficiently chastised about her auntly duties, maybe Sandy will finally have time for some sleepless euphoria of her own.

Remedy airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Global.