Private Eyes Stars Preview Season 2B’s Fun New Mysteries

Global TV
Global TV

Toronto’s suave and slightly dysfunctional private investigators are back. Global is kicking off its summer programming with the much-anticipated back half of Season 2 of Private Eyes, premiering Sunday, May 27 at 9 p.m. ET. Alternatively titled “Season 2B or not to be,” as star Jason Priestley jokingly put it when he and co-star Cindy Sampson spoke with The TV Junkies about the new slot of episodes. This season delivers more wacky, out-of-left-field cases as Shade and Angie balance their complicated families, their love lives, and their growing chemistry.

Like any working relationship, Shade and Angie always put the job first, so bringing their romantic lives into the picture isn’t the easiest for either of them. “I think that those outside relationships are gonna provide some difficulties for Shade and Angie and solace for Shade and Angie,” says Priestley.

The two worlds collide in an unexpected way when Shade and Angie take Mel (Bree Williamson) and Dr. Ken (Mark Ghanimé) on a romantic weekend getaway, only for their work to catch up to them. “We go to a murder mystery and, wait for it, someone actually dies,” teases Priestley.

As always, their family plays a major part in the season as well. Things get personal for Shade in the Season 2B premiere when his old manager–AKA the man who swindled his money–needs help with his new client, a young up-and-comer in the female boxing world. Not only does Shade’s father (Barry Flatman) step in to deter his son from getting involved, Angie’s mother (Mimi Kuzyk) uses her connections to help the duo solve the case.

“The Angie/Nora relationship is fantastic. It’s ever evolving, but they’re still the same people, so they butt heads a lot.” says Sampson. “Nora is such a great character… We have a Nora episode we’re filming in Season 3 right now.”

So what about the father/daughter dynamic? Well, that one won’t be easy either. “Shade’s relationship with Jules (Jordyn Negri) is complicated and continues to be complicated,” says Priestley. “They go through some difficult times in this upcoming season. He’s trying to navigate all of the complicated issues that teenage girls are faced with, which are very foreign to him.”

Global TV
Global TV

It wouldn’t be a season of Private Eyes without another lineup of notable guest stars, starting with Canadian boxing legend George Chuvalo making a cameo as himself in the premiere. “George was awesome in the episode,” says Sampson. “He signed an autographed photo for my husband and it’s hanging on my wall.”

Other notable guest starts include Laura Vandervoort (Bitten, Supergirl), Lucas Bryant (Haven), and Colin Ferguson (Eureka), as well as Toronto broadcast and radio personalities such as ET Canada‘s Cheryl Hickey, The Edge’s “Fearless” Fred Kennedy and Q107‘s Ryan Parker.

There are exciting new locales as well, including an unexpected trip to Medieval Times and a case involving Ripley’s Aquarium, which was one of Sampson’s favorite cases of the season. “We got to film at night when no one was there,” says Sampson. “It was kind of neat being behind the scenes in the back side of the aquarium and how it all works.”

For Priestley, one of the best locations gave them a chance to sit back and relax in the all-too-brief Canadian summer. “We did a whole episode around the craft brewery scene in Toronto,” he says. “We were really filming in a brewery and it was really nice. It was no longer minus 30 so we had a beer outside that day.”


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Private Eyes premieres Sunday, March 27 at 9 p.m. ET on Global.