Pretty Little Liars: Casting the first Stone

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It’s official: Hanna Marin is the smartest Liar of them all.

Weeks ago, Hanna was the only person convinced Charles could be alive. After faked deaths, phony records, and graves with the wrong bodies inside, Hanna wanted to look under the tombstone of Charles DiLaurentis to confirm that their suspected tormentor was as dead as he looked to be. It made sense! And yet, for some reason, we let an organ donation sheet convince us all that Charles truly had bit the biscuit and A was someone pretending to be Charles. But it appears we’ve had the black hoodie pulled over our eyes. While we were casting the first stone at Lesli Stone and that really large and really strange collection of fake oversized glasses, Charles has been duping the girls and writing threatening birthday cards to Mr. DiLaurentis.

I’ll admit that I truly believed Lesli a member of the A team, but according to Mona, Lesli’s just plain crazy, sans capital A, and simply wanted her Radley records to keep people from knowing. I’m still not sure why the girl has an arsenal of fake glasses, nor do I understand why she was so keen to throw Hanna under the bus when Mona was thought to be dead, but it looks like Lesli was just the perfect deploy for Charles to get the girls off his scent.

With this new revelation, however, a few other characters have started to look seriously suspicious. It pains me to say it, because I love him and his wish to be delivered bagels in his photo locker, but Clark’s motives are starting to seem a little off. As Mona put it, A would only be photographed if A wanted to be. And who photographed A, which made the girls believe A was actually a girl? Clark. Hopefully this is just a wild coincidence and the sweet, charming man with eyes for Aria is innocent. I just can’t help but question his role in all this.

The other character who’s looking guiltier by the episode is Sara. I’ve seen some theories online that Sara and Charles are the same person, and “No Stone Unturned” certainly put fuel to that fire. It makes sense that if Sara was guilty of being a member of the A team, she’d want to get as close to Emily as possible (erotic lotion massage, anyone?) in the spirit of keeping her enemies closer. She also came home with that really strange bike injury and was quick to identify Lesli’s Range Rover as the culprit. She then had that panic attack when Emily suggested the two head off to Thailand to help others while helping themselves. And just when Emily went to check and see if Sara had a tracker in her neck, she decided to lay a bit fat one on Emily–presumably as a distraction. I don’t trust her, nor do I trust all these stories about Sara’s terrible mother. It’s all too convenient.

In side story news, Dean the hot sober coach is totally into Spencer and they totally need to hook up. Not only did he bring her brownies and a boring book to help her sleep, but he seems to genuinely care about her well being (although I did think his reaction to her being MIA was a bit over the top). I think the fact that I literally forgot about Toby when Dean mentioned Spencer having a boyfriend is a clear indication that it’s time Spencer moved on to bigger and better things–especially when we’re only a few weeks away before the season finale and the big jump in time.

Pretty Little Pieces:

  • That video from A threatening Sara was probably done with Charles by Sara to keep the girls from plotting.
  • I forgive PLL for plenty of things, but having Hanna steal Lesli’s car from the valet was too stupid. What did she do when she was done with it? Return it?!
  • I really wish it had been cronuts rather than Kimye that reminded us that Sara has missed two years of pop culture.
  • Aria’s sense of style usually makes me nauseated, but girl’s outfit was on point tonight.
  • I’m so over Hanna being mean to Caleb when he’s the best and sweetest boyfriend ever. The boy’s reading relationship books, damn it! Be nice to him!!
  • After #DeadRacoonTO I had a hard time taking this week’s episode seriously.
  • So why did Lesli hate Bethany so much? I really wish these explanations came with reasoning.

Thoughts? Theories? Let us know in the comments below.

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