Pretty Little Liars: 3 Reasons We’re Digging Ezra Fitz This Season

Freeform/Eric McCandless
Freeform/Eric McCandless

We’ve known Ezra Fitz as many different men over the years on Pretty Little Liars. The Rosewood High School English teacher who happened to be in a relationship with one of his students. A suspect behind the identity of “A.” And following that, we’ve known him as the dedicated writer, spewing lies and breaking hearts all for the sake of the true murder story of Alison DiLaurentis.

Fast forward to Season 6 and Pretty Little Liars has presented with a whole new personality and backstory for Ezra, a man who is now a suspect in the murder of Charlotte DiLaurentis. He’s a successful writer who lacks inspiration for his next novel due to the disappearance of Nicole, a humanitarian Ezra worked with (and perhaps dated).

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Ezra, and the actor who plays him, Ian Harding. As discussed, Harding has had to wear many hats during his PLL-stint and now with Ezra’s brand new personality, Harding has once again stepped up to the challege of bringing him to life. Here’s three reasons why Season 6 may be showing us some of Harding’s best work to date.

He includes everything in his performance

Sure, Harding is a trained actor, but that doesn’t mean every other actor care so much about all of the small details of a person’s characteristics. Harding’s ever-present use of leg twitches and bloodshot eyes bring an extra layer physically, and help to show that Ezra always feels uncomfortable Both the writers and Harding are turning Ezra Fitz into a hauntingly charming character who viewers can’t get enough of.

He’s not afraid to show his wild side

Every PLL fan remembers the moment where Ezra snapped, screaming at the liars for accusing him of murder. In just that one moment, Harding showed us how well he knew his character. Even during the climax of the scene, he never forgot to include all the consistent, small details we’ve come to attribute with this dark Ezra Fitz. These new character traits, along with the fact that I have no clue where Harding will take Ezra, is exactly why I find myself absolutely addicted to his presence on screen.

He’s Leaves Us Wanting More

I may be a little biased given that I’m admittedly addicted to Ezra Fitz, but I find myself wanting to know his backstory as much as I wanted to know who “A” was. A lot of that has to do with Harding’s performance. It’s true that the writers are the ones creating this dark and mysterious character, but Harding’s skill as an actor is what allows the viewer to really latch onto Ezra’s story. While many think Emily is the character who has changed the most during the five year jump, I disagree. As far as I’ve seen in Season 6, Ezra Fitz is the most removed from his former character and am very eager to see the rest of the season unfold and allow me to discover more about Ezra Fitz and how he is involved in the mysterious murder of Charlotte.

As Ezra said once, “Life isn’t always romantic. Sometimes, it’s realistic.” This phase of Ezra’s life is certainly less romantic than before, and thanks to Harding, we get to see the harsh reality of a man in a downward spiral–something for us fans to hold onto a midst the rest of the Pretty Little Liars chaos.


What do you think of Ezra and Harding’s performance this season? Add your thoughts into the comments below!

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